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How to run a great session (4)
About the CLS Sessions category (1)
CLS16 Notes: Metrics unconference session (1)
CLS16 Notes "meetups" session (5)
CLS16 Engaging Introverts session notes (1)
CLS16: Managing Your Community Are you a benign dictator? Fly on the Wall? Something Else? (1)
CLS16: How to help people inspire others (1)
CLS16 Notes: "Community Brand Management" - Shane Curcuru (1)
CLS 2016 notes: How to market your project (1)
CLS16 Finding Experts and Expertise in Communities (1)
CLS16 "Inner Source Therapy" session notes (1)
CLS 2015 session notes: Single Company Controlled Projects (1)
CLS 2015 session notes: Creating a New Community (1)
Engagement metrics, ROI and data science (CLS15 session) (2)
CLS 2015 session notes: Open leadership and #TheOpenOrg (1)
Keeping Community Open and Close-Knit (CLS15 Session) (1)
Grassroots vs Astroturf (CLS15 Session) (1)
Member Engage! How to Get Inactive Users to Contribute Content (CLS15 Session) (1)
CLS 2015 Session Notes: CLSx Lite (1)
CLS 2015 session notes: How do we capture the history of free software (1)
Connecting Student Passions with Community (1)
CLS 2015 Day 2 Sessions Board (1)
CLS 2015: Tips for moderating a great session (1)
Avoiding Burnout: Strategies for Self-Care (CLS15 Session) (1)
Starting a Meetup Group (CLS15 Session) (2)
Age-ism and community (CLS15 session) (1)
Differentiation between Community Marketing and Traditional Marketing (1)
How to get members to contribute content to the community (1)
For Next Year - Distinguish Open Source Topics from General CL Topics? (4)
Session 9C - How to grow a developer community (1)
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