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Community Leadership Summit

Starting anew vs helping existing / forking & fragmentation [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
Barriers for community can be good [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
10G Just Breathe [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
How to follow CLS remotely? [CLS Discussion] (18)
Session notes: CLSx Write-a-thon [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
Beyond Consensus: Moving forward in the face of uncertainty [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
Day 2 Session 8a: Building programs and other ways to engage your community [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
Community Leadership Summit 2014 Agenda - Day 2 [CLS 2014 Notes] (2)
Topic: Analytics & metrics for communities and reporting for The Powers That Be [CLS 2014 Notes] (3)
Session 8C: Table 8 - First year challenges of a support community [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
Community Documentation [CLS Session Idea] (13)
D2 - The intersection of technology&culture / Community at our core [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
Handling perennially controversial topics [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
Developing Speakers [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
4: Echo Chamber [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
Session 9C - How to grow a developer community [CLS Sessions] (1)
Bringing non-technical contributors into technical projects (room 6, 3pm, day one) [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
Building a Developer Ecosystem [CLS 2014 Notes] (3)
Session B-1: Conference Organizing Tools [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
Really good notes on 2:00 Session 6: Value Proposition [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
6A: Building and managing communities in the developing world [CLS 2014 Notes] (3)
2B: Managing non-technical communities in FOSS [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
Notes: Session A-2 Benefits around building groups around the existing culture (Leah Davis) / Deathstars & Motherships - working as a community manager in large organizations (Tori) [CLS Sessions] (2)
Managing Non-technical Communties Online [CLS Sessions] (1)
7A - Birthing a new community within an existing community Notes [CLS 2014 Notes] (2)
10A Corporate Guidance of Self Organizing Communities [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
Access, Inclusion, Cognitive Bias, Norms [CLS Session Idea] (9)
Analytics & Community Management [CLS Session Idea] (12)
6B Developing World communities [CLS 2014 Notes] (1)
Preparing and Designing your Open Project for Participation [CLS Session Idea] (3)
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