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Advice about starting as a Developer/Technical Evangelist


After CLS this year, I was intrigued by the description of a Developer Evangelist. I’m taking some time off to figure out what I want to pursue next, and I’m trying to figure out whether a dev evangelist position would be right for me. I would love to chat with people who are already in that type of position, so please get in touch if you’re willing to do a 30 minute skype or hangout session.

I think I might like a dev evangelist position because I’m:

  1. Interested in creating inclusive communities.
  2. I always want to fix the on-boarding process for the communities I’m in.
  3. I love to teach, create tutorials, and present at conferences.
  4. I like both documentation and coding.
  5. I’m passionate about creating software that people actually use.

If people have links to stories about developer evangelist roles (I’m leaning more that way than community manager), please share them. Thanks!


Hello Sarah,

I know two developer or technical evangelists:

Perhaps you can contact them? BTW, I worked with Philippe Ozil in my previous job, he is a true expert in IT, and has been a consultant before becoming an evangelist.


Hi Sarah - I work in the Developer Evangelist group for Microsoft - I’m not one myself but can put you in touch with many if you are still interested



Did you get the information you needed? I’m always willing to have a chat.


Hello Sarah,
I am a the geospatial evangelist at the Eclipse Foundation. I would love to connect and chat if you are interested in trading tips and stories.
Thea Aldrich


@sarahsharp if I recall correctly you are now consulting, is that right?

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