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Announcing the Community Leadership Knowledge Base


Hi Everyone,

As discussed on http://communityleadershipforum.com/t/building-a-knowledge-base/348, I have been working on putting together a knowledge base where we can maintain a high quality set of curated documentation for building great communities. The goal of this knowledge base is to take all the wonderful insight and experience that we have in this forum and to formalize it into a set of guidelines for different approaches and methods of leading and growing communities.

You can think of this as essentially wikipedia for community leadership which is now available at http://knowledge.communityleadershipforum.com/

The way this works is that I have set up a wiki that we can use to build and refine this content. If we work together we could build a tremendous community leadership resource that we can all be proud of and that will help thousands of community leaders around the world.

Now, this knowledge base will only be useful if we all work together and contribute our time to create it. The goal here is not to create one single master method community leadership, but more of a “choose your own adventure” approach; we will outline different approaches and style so the reader can make up their own mind.

My hope here is that we will build a wealth of community leadership knowledge that will continue to refine and grow with our discussions here, with each annual CLS, and as the CLSx events kick in to shape it too; each event can set out with the goal of enhancing our knowledge base as a high quality curated source of up to date community management guidance and best practice.

How To Started

The knowledge base is available at http://knowledge.communityleadershipforum.com/.

When you get there, you should first check out the Get Started page at http://knowledge.communityleadershipforum.com/doku.php?id=get_started - this explains how to register an account and start creating content.

This is a wiki: anyone and everyone can contribute content. Please feel free to improve each page, but please be respectful of the content that already exists there; try not to remove big chunks of content if you disagree with it. Instead expand the page with additional recommendations and guidance so the reader can choose.

If you are unsure about a topic or what to do, please post to the forum - this is a great place to discuss those topics and expand the knowledge base.

The sidebar on the left side of the page provides quick links to the Get Started guide as well as the Writing Guide and the Syntax reference.

Something To Get Started With

To get us into the swing of things, I created a Glossary page at http://knowledge.communityleadershipforum.com/doku.php?id=glossary - can I ask you all to head over there and start filling out content. This will provide a great way of getting used to the wiki.

Please be sure to share any questions you have here. Let’s make this happen! :slight_smile:

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!