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Bringing non-technical contributors into technical projects (room 6, 3pm, day one)


Non-technical contributors in technical projects
Non-technical contributors for GSOC 
How do I get them? 
Traditional ad agencies 
Blogging that you need non-techies
And talking to people individually 
Challenge: not as many non-coding tasks have been documented 
Take away – document
Make sure that they know that their contributions are valuable 
Defining what you need 
Blog posts in a super-technical language are not super-motivating 
Write in their language, NOT dumbing it down, more like translation 
“demi-nerds” some non-technical people can sometimes help with technical things 
Joomla tool for bug reporting 
Include a help wanted in the monthly magazine 
What else beyond “word of mouth” and “friends of friends” ?
Craig’s list for office managers 
Technical people see a value for themsleves; resume fodder, learn things Show the benefit 
All tech is an end-user product
Talking about what the software does instead of how it does that
Why don’t large companies lend their marketing people to floss projects? 
“we don’t need marketing” Really? Take a look at how well Outlook does even being the worst email program 
Working on code together as an anti-capitalist pursuit
The culture says “developers are doing the real work” and everyone is else is doing the soft skills (maybe even the girl stuff)
Doing the work that devs don’t even want to do 
Figuring out what non-tech stuff needs to be done can be more difficult
Keep track of numbers that demonstrate the impact of your non-technical work 
What is technical and non-technical? It seems like there is kind of a spectrumSystem administration? Documentation? Code review? 
Having a really solid relationship with the technical folks is critical
Valued? How do you value non-technical work? Maybe wiki edits, documentation edits? RT tickets closed? Spotlight people “contributor of the month” Profiles on the volunteer portal 
What would somebody want to put on their linkedin profile? Titles? not as important in Europe… 
Recognition, the Joomla Event Travel program – invest in your technical people, bring them together T-shirts
Interships? Heard about it through other interns, go to schools, campus outreach School, school, school 
Potential, the events are fun! How does it benefit them? Showing how it helps people.
Mentorship. Identifying mentors. “Anybody can do this” Being prepared to find out what people need. That first connection…A mentor pool? 
Your turn! How should we as managers of technical projects help each other find mentors?

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