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CLS 2016 notes: How to market your project


Lead by Rikki Endsley, Red Hat and Opensource.com.

One of the ways Opensource.com helps open source projects is with interview series for conferences and promoting things on social media. Work a lot with first-time writers, non-native English speakers.

Do we use collaborative tools like Google Docs? - Yes! We accept content many different ways, however the writers are comfortable.

How someone balances corporate vs grassroots?

  • don’t promote company products on a community site
  • branding is another topic, how you brand your community / how close is it to a corporate brand

What’s the balance between addressing questions as “the project” versus community members

  • yes! you should answer as yourself in most cases; sometimes when you need a more official answers or moderation a project leader should do it as them
  • we think it’s great when community members can answer questions directly

How to deal with people who are too “marketey” and want to promote products with jargon

  • be direct; provide suggestions on ways to improve things that will be a fit for your community

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