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CLS discussion group - job descriptions


Hi folks, I was looking over this category in the community, trying to find a list of the of the sessions for this year’s Community Leadership Summit. Does just a list exist? And how does a person get on that list?

I’d like to propose a structured discussion on Job Descriptions, to help us standardize where we exist in the industry and give our respective companies a better idea of our value. (and maybe kick us a few more $$$ :wink:)

Any information on this is appreciated. Thanks for your help.


This will be my first year attending, but I’m pretty sure most of the event will be unconference style… meaning, the sessions aren’t set ahead of time. Instead, people attending the event propose sessions and people attend the ones they are most interested in. I assume there will also be a couple of keynote speakers, but I didn’t see any information on those yet. You could propose the job descriptions discussion as a session!


@samurailynn Thanks! How do I propose that? Just at the event, or ahead of time?


I assume at the event. At least, that’s how it has been done when I’ve gone to unconference sessions in the past.


Yes, typically each day starts with people proposing topics for the schedule. People have 3 minutes to present their topic. There can be some negotiation that happens if two topics turn out to be similar. These are then laid out in time slots on a large board and assigned a room.


Eggs-cellent. Thanks!

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