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CLS16 Notes: "Community Brand Management" - Shane Curcuru


Raw notes - to be edited - thanks to note-taker Jackson de Oliveira.

Shane Curcuru - VP of Apache Software Foundation, brand management

How to think about your community’s brand, and how you should manage and govern that brand.

Name, organization, something interesting/passionate aboutL

Dan Wiks

Agile Denver - 501C6

Community support for agile practices

5 meetups that are self sufficient

Month meeting

Newly president and wondering how to grow community and solidify it.

Alan Bush

rackspace technical community support

technical support community - dynamic between community members and building ideas, rather than just “drive-by” answers for questions

Carol Odiorne

Starting own business, wondering about going open source, and how that will work out.

wants to find out more about branding

Ray - Linux foundation


Ops manager, don’t have a community manager person, so he does most of it himself

Hitting a point where there is identity

Daniel Zaltzman

“Community manager manager”

Digital Ocean - for profit business, and interested in brand and differences between regular brand ideas

“Open source licenses does not allow you to use brands, service marks, or trademarks. Something to consider when allowing others to use their brand, and derivatives of product branding etc.”

Deb Goodkin - FreeBSD executive director

interested in trademark discussion about trademark, how to protect trademarks, what limits and protecting trademarks - nominative use vs fair use discussion -

Nominative use - talking about a topic rather than using it to

Amanda - EMC code - open source arm of EMC

Amanda owns marketing at EMC

interested in brand specifically, and how people attach to your brand, and independent groups -

Community may not understand how brand use and flaws are able to be used in the correct way, and what is okay vs not okay. Legal implications

Kyle - Community manager for social media.org

run by gaspedal - 30 employee org based in austin that builds community

organization for executives that lead social

different from tech community uses of community, and how

Rhea - interacted with hadoop and the branding with their platform

  • help managing the community that deal with

giving your community an identity


Brand is a bit different from different perspectives - from marketing ties, to developer side, non-profit and individual side

Hard on the community side to talk about trademarks vs brand - brand is things that you can think about every day-along with marketing and imagery - trademarks are the legal instantiation of your brand trademark law is very specific that are associated with goods - a software product or box of software.

you can have a trademark by providing a good or service by using a consistent name or logo - and you can use a TM symbol. explicit way to trademark an item.

TM is a warning for those who would be interested in capitalizing on something you have built.

infringement is when the item or service is associated with an alternative source. For example, if the source is not able to be identified easily.

Keys are being consistent -

What is the mental image that you get when thinking of one specific topic? If you want to learn about New Relic things, you think about this particular topic.

We call it this vs that - they should be updated across all the avenues of communication.

Dilution example - If someone offers a product that is very similar - if another organization wants to do a similar

Trademark only extends to those who would be receiving the same type of product - for example, if it was software providing the same service as another software, vs software that is the same as a laundry detergent.

Every country has a national index of trademarks. You provide a sample, and show how you are using this in the marketplace - the trademark examiners that will evaluate and see if there are any other marks that

It is doubtful that you can’t register something that is a descriptor - you cannot register a word like “delicious.”

Thinking about the bigger picture of these communities - open source -in terms of eco system- it is becoming mainstream and collaborative systems in government, etc

what hasn’t gone through the change is the way that communities govern themselves.

Companies should now understand the governance model to understand how the project should be driven - and how they could be changed over time based on the resources allocated and what the limits are for custom editions as a derivative. Linux foundation has branding agreements, and board members can help with the way to manage the brands.

If you have a trademark or brands question place that allows users and the community to ask questions on how the brand can be used in the wild, as well as how the brand can be used at large.

You need to have a way to govern those who visit and open source and fork your project that they don’t fork the brand and how that is managed - and where the brand is going before being forked.

There are software vendors that have hierarchy and drive and budgets, and goals

community is a bit more separated and there is not consistent message and influence on outside perception

the main reason that apache is successful is that we have proven that individuals are only allowed to be contributed, and they have proved that you can be vendor neutral. The ownership of the trademarks are owned through the apache software foundation for all the products.

People who have been in open source that have stayed with their projects over the course of many employers, are thinking about hdo I really want to go work for that opportunity if it’s for a community based how the community is governed,.

It is difficult o have an outsider’s perspective to understand

who you are

what you do,

Does a third party (the world outside your community) really understand what you do?

Find an open source community that–with no more than 2 clicks on their website–you can figure out who they are and what they do. Does it make sense? are yo using too much jargon? are you using internal only terms? am i really being welcoming to drive-by contributor sort independent technical volunteers, and potentially marketers that could help with the project?

Brand is really ‘this is what we do, and what we show the world.’ What do they actually see of what we wrote? It is hard to get fresh eyes and review what you’ve done and make sure you know what it is you do.

All projects use the same policy at Apache - they outline how to use the name and trademarks in events, software projects, etc.

  • Will link out lawyers speaking to developers and technical people about trademarks and brand usage.

model trademark guidelines allow another group to write a generic trademark policy. “you may use it in this situation, and not in these situations’

trademarking certifications is important so that people cannot just say that they are a certification holder.

If we see someone who is mis using trademarks, we contact them and ask for them to stop.

Registration is cheap insurance for a brand that you want to use.

Put a TM after the first and most prominent use on every page -

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