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CLSx Tokyo 2016 #2


Sorry I am extremely busy - too late to announce… I and OSS Japan will hold CLSx Tokyo 2016 #2 (*Lite-unconference - it is very little session…) this weekend.

1.The venue, location, and date of the event.
Meisei Univ in Tokyo,Japan. Will hold as a part of the open-event at OpenSource Conference Tokyo 2016/Fall at 10AM-11:45AM on Feb 27th.
(Sorry written only in Japanese but you can attend and talk in English)

2.How many days the event will be.
One day and short time…(1 hour event though we now discussing on Facebook and something)
*Facebook page (sorry only Japanese) https://www.facebook.com/groups/343620742455665/?fref=ts1

3.A summary of the event, how it will work, and what content you will have.
the contents will be as follows:

  • Introduce yourself
  • What is CLS? what the issues now happens on Japanese Communities.(to give some discussion hits to attendees especially newbies(who haven’t attended themselves previous CLSx Tokyo )
  • Un-conference (it will be very short but we now discussing on Facebook to call for the themes at the session )
  • Conclusion

Sorry again late notice but hope to see you

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