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CLSxEurope 2016 - LONDON


We finally managed to get CLSxEurope running for this year as a one day event on October 16. O’Reilly graciously provided some space in the same location where OSCON will be held.

Read more here: https://ben.vanten.de/clsxeurope-2016-community-knows-no-borders-4fe9f1f004bf#.wyeh62nwj

I am organising it together Shelly Coen and Nina KIm. We plan for 4 keynote sessions revolving around “Community Knows No Borders”. If you join us in London on October 16 and want to do a short session please let us know.

Please register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/community-leadership-summit-europe-2016-registration-26807376585

One of the toughest things is getting sponsoring. Age of Peers will support the event financially, but we definitely need some more sponsors. We have approached a number of potential sponsors without any result until now.

Let me know if you are able to sponsor or know someone we could approach.

We are super excited to make it work and are looking forward to see you there.

gRTz ben


Nice work organising the event!



@popey @dholbach @jhibbets do you think your respective orgs might be able to help @benvantende out?


What kind of help are you looking for?


Same question :slight_smile:
We will be happy to consider sponsoring Ubuntu Members to attend (and speak at?) the event if you have any in mind. They just need to apply via the usual Ubuntu Community Donations Fund.

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll (or anyone else on the Ubuntu Community Team) be able to attend as it conflicts with another event, which is a shame as I’m based nearby.


@benvantende :arrow_up:


I will see if I can attend for CLS London 2016. This the day before Oscon, right?


Heyla, thanks for the reply Jason. I was on holidays and in some way I do not get notifications. I am organising together with two others. It is not so much the help that I need as the sponsoring. Currently I did not find any sponsors yet. So that is basically what I need. Any chance you could help me with that? gRTz ben


Heyla, thanks for answering and sorry for having been on holidays … NOT :wink: It would definitely be cool to have Ubuntu Community Members at CLSxEurope. We plan 4 15 minute keynotes, preferably on the topic ´ Community Knows No Borders’. Is there anything you can do to promote that?

And as said in the reply to Jason we are in dear need of sponsoring. Are there buttons you can push at Canonical?

gRTz ben


YES October 16 … day before OSCON


@jonobacon any suggestions for contacts for getting sponsoring for CLSxEurope? A month to go and nothing.


We’re really excited that Opensource.com can support this effort. We are shipping some stickers and write for us cards for attendees. Good luck with the event!

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!