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CLSxEurope moved to Spring 2016


I failed to get the sponsoring together for CLSxEurope in October so I need to postpone the event. No way I cancel it, but with the learnings from this endeavour we will get it to work in spring 2016. There are many things to do different to make it work. If anyone is interested in participating in organising CLSxEurope then let me know. Better yet if you want to sponsor or know a sponsor please let me know.


Sad to hear that. :pensive:

Let me help if possible… It might be possible to get a CLSxMadrid on December in Campus Madrid as venue. We could turn it to CLSxEurope if it would help. What do you think?


Don’t be sad :wink: We will get it together next year. It was my hope to create a larger event like in Portland. The combination with OSCON also justified naming it CLSxEurope instead of CLSxAmsterdam or something similar.

Organizing such an event takes far longer then I expected.

gRTZ ben


I forwarded this thread to a contact of mine who is creating Community observatory in Paris. I hope he will be interested to help on CLSxEurope. He has a lot of network.


Heyla, that is much appreciated. It would be cool if he can contact me. I have another French contact and more people started to get interested when I reached out about CLSxEurope. Not enough to make it happen this year though.


Probably it will be more focus on Spain area, but if you wanna join, CLSxMadrid website is up and running

Already 30 - 40 registered people!

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!