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CLSxMadrid 2015


Hi everyone… I’m back!

We have started working on the idea of the CLSxMadrid 2015 for Spring 2015… I’ll keep you updated about the news :wink:

When I say “we”, I mean the group (Meetup) created from the whole bunch of people managing technology Meetups in Madrid… We like to call it the “meta-Meetup” :smiley:

Possbile venue: MediaLab Prado (some photos)

Support is always welcome! :wink:


It has taken too long to get the needed people on board, but let’s make it happen!!

Save the date: December 12th.
Venue: Campus Madrid

Dawn Foster almost confirmed as speaker, and if you wanna join, let me know.

We’ll open a register site as soon the venue gets confirmed


Already in Campus Madrid events calendar !!


Website up and running: CLSxMadrid

Already 30 - 40 registered people!

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!