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Community Leadership Summit 2014 Agenda - Day 1


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##11am - Session A##

  • Table 1 - Working with Groups on Global Warming (Robin)
  • Table 2 - Benefits around building groups around the existing culture (Leah Davis) / Deathstars & Motherships - working as a community manager in large organizations (Tori)
  • Table 3 - Planning and Running Individual User Groups (Kara & Camie)
  • Table 4 - How to improve diversity (Jade Wang) / Privilege, diveristy, and inclusion in open source (Britta Gustafson / Ivan Crootwork)
  • Table 5 - How to foster a developer Ecosysyem (ichael@neo4j)
  • Table 6 - Building communities in developer ecosystems (“Drano”)
  • Table 7 - Birthing a new community within an exising community (Russell Pavichek)
  • Table 8 - Do we need a community manager? (Robinson Tryon)
  • Table 9 - Through face-to-face - How to meet and bring together purpose-driven people, leaders, and communities so people can shift and thrive and live from their heart (Mary McGill)
  • Table 10 - Corporate governance of a self organizing community (Ricard Esplin)

##12pm - Lunch##

##1pm - Lightning Talks (all-play; main room)##

##2pm - Session B##

  • Table 1 - Open Source Conference Organizing - Tools and the Camp/Conference Organizing Distribution (COD)
  • Table 2 - Building & Supporting non-technical communities online / 5% Techie, 94% Phobic - Managing FOSS with a non-technical community (Alec Smecher)
  • Table 3 - Closing the gap between intention and action (Monique Dupre)
  • Table 4 - Going global: When and how to take your local event to the next level (Alice Yu)
  • Table 5 - Preparing and designing your open project for participation (Emma Druin)
  • Table 6 - How to discover/identify value proposition/goals for members (and especially as they change) (Judy Spunt)
  • Table 7 - Analytics and metrics for community-owned software development (Jesus M Gonazlez-Barahona)
  • Table 8 - Engaging & Celebrating users online / Growing a meetup ecosystem worldwide (@AriaJoughin)
  • Table 9 - Handling perennially controversial / political topics (Aaron Wolf)
  • Table 10 - CLSx - Building Local Communities (@jonobacon @vanriper @davenielsen)

##3pm - Session C##

  • Table 1 - Advanced Diversity - More than just hiring more women! Inclusivity! Intersectional! Race!!!
  • Table 2 - Aligning with what motivates your community (Maggie Starr)
  • Table 3 - How to keep your marketing team happy
  • Table 4 - Coordinating distributed development (Patrick McGarry)
  • Table 5 - Loyalty - How to manage users flirting with competitors - Do I want them faithful or out exploring? (Filippa)
  • Table 6 - Including non-technical contributors in technical projects (Deb Nicholson)
  • Table 7 - Convincing the “powers that be” that communities is working (Bruce)
  • Table 8 - First year challenges of a support community for a big companies (Ian White)
  • Table 9 - How to grow a developer community
  • Table 10 - Documentation for your community (Andy Oram) / UG (User Group) Guide, collaborative authoring, governance (@joshsimmons)

##4pm - Break (and Group Photo across from registration desk @ 4:15pm)##

##4:30pm - Session D##

  • Table 1 - (None)
  • Table 2 - The intersection of technology&culture / Community at our core :smile: (@CristinaKeelan)
  • Table 3 - How to move from proprietary to open source development (Steffan Evers)
  • Table 4 - Eliminating the echo chamber (Mary Thengvall)
  • Table 5 - Ego vs. Process (@Luispo)
  • Table 6 - Getting tech & non-tech folks in the same room (@rootwork @betalister)
  • Table 7 - Growing the community by improving the way we communicate (Malo?)
  • Table 8 - Reaching the introverted developer (James Falkner) / Developing speakers (Anna)
  • Table 9 - How much do community managers get paid? (Britta Gustafson)
  • Table 10 - Good habits for community leaders and members - especially mindfulness and active listening (Alex Hilburn)

##5:30pm - Feedback session (all-play; main room)##

##After the CLS: Social Happy Hour @ Spirit of 77##



Added at 3PM, table #1: Advanced diversity (“we will talk about more than just hiring more women! inclusivity! intersectional! race!!!”)


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Fascinating discussion. Eric Stein is a professor in the business school at Penn State who has spent the last several years researching creative behaviors, teaching business students how to express creativity in the workplace, and identifying critical success factors for innovation.

The bottom line is that many schools and companies are just not doing a good job at nurturing creativity. However, his work indicates that creativity can be fostered. Check out ericwstein.com for more info.

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