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Community Management in a Private Company


I’d be interested in some discussion about challenges specific to managing users and developers working with the APIs of non-open source products.


Good idea. This is really challenging !



I realize that I could maybe have been a bit more specific. Coinbase’, like many tech companies, wants developers to build on its API as a platform. These developers are the community I’m specifically thinking of.


I would say that this is the true interest of API: you can use a non open source solution even with a open source solution (or what order you want).

I don’t have exactly the same case about API. But I sometimes manage open source vs non open source problems.

At Bonitasoft, we have some contributions for our solution, developed by third party editors. Some of them are not open source minded, and their solution is not open source. However, they publish on our website some connectors or other specific development, so their solution can work with our. This kind of contribution must be open source to be shared on our community website (this is the rule), and for some companies, this might be the first time they publish code like that.

Most of the time, they have questions, so we need to help them:

  • to choose the right license
  • to think about what to share on our community website, and what they might want to add to their solution
  • about the interest of making public that their solution can work with Bonita BPM ? (sometime, they prefer not to tell, so we don’t know and don’t try to sell them support or oem)

However, we do not provide free support. The aim for Bonitasoft is to have certified partners, or oem, or at least, sell support. Sometimes, it is working. Sometimes, not. And sometimes, it just takes time, so you have to be polite and patient.

This is why at the first contact, I am clear:

  • that they can ask questions on our community website, like any other community member
  • that they will not have official technical support for free
  • that I will help them to publish their contribution, following the best practices of our community
  • that we will enjoy if they want to make business with Bonitasoft

I hope this can help you.

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