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Community Manager within Support?


Hi Everyone!

I currently manage a Customer Support group and am in need of someone to fill some gaps (as follows):

— Manage the content on the user forum, both responding to questions and creating useful content based on customer needs as reported by the support folks
— Liase between various groups within the company as a the customer advocate (Training, Product, etc)
— As our user base in growing, create/enable user groups
— Develop strategies to drive adoption of the forums (call/ticket avoidance)
— Eventually manage the support team’s twitter account

Does this sound like a Community Manager type of role? If so, does anyone have experience with a Community Manager residing within the Support org?



I’ve done all of these things in Community Management roles and always as part of the support org, though at my current position we work closely with marketing as well; our community is a support community.

That does, to me, sound like a community manager type of role.


Thank you Lisa! Is there any chance you have a job description you wouldn’t mind sharing with me? This will help me tremendously as I attempt to make the case for this role.


@mvbigelow this is the job description when I applied:


I’m doing quite a bit more strategy and planning work than in that description; but I also have a history as VP of Operations in a previous company, so I tend to think somewhat expansively and have very little fear of speaking up on even some of the most far-fetched ideas.


Thank you Lisa! I was able to get the position approved and now I am working on building out the 6-12 month goals for this position. Do you have anything you’d be willing to share? I’m thinking in terms of outcomes. As an example: “drive 25% of customers to self-service via the online community.”

Thank you!


We’re working on metrics ourselves. I don’t know how you’d measure “drive 255 of customers to self-service” - ticket deflection itself seems to be a difficult number to measure as it has a lot of variables.

Perhaps metrics around the number of questions and peer answers would a better measure of success and engagement? I’d love to hear what others have to say here too!


Hi @mvbigelow - It’s been a couple of years. How’d everything work out?



It went REALLY well and still is! We’ve have someone in the role for 18+ months! Let me know if there is anything specific you’d like me to share.


Hi @mvbigelow - Thank you for your reply. Congratulations on the success of your community! There’s nothing in particular I was looking for, just curiosity about how well your community is doing. So what metrics did you eventually decide to focus on for your Key Performance Indicators?

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