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Connecting Student Passions with Community


We talked about our own volunteering experiences as children and what motivated each of us to volunteer. We also drew a picture of how we envisioned students being a part of our community. Then we held a fishbowl where we discussed the how to connect students with their communities and get them inspired.


  • People you trust and love volunteering with you are encouraging you to volunteer
  • Asking students forthright to give their time
  • Student’s need/desire to receive a scholarship for school and want to beef up their resume
  • Ideas of what they could do in the future and how volunteering plays a part
  • Seeing other people who have volunteered and what happened to them - finding the connections to their dreams
  • Having mentors who encourage them to give their time
  • Have an active leadership role in the project/program/etc.
  • Having tasks that are the right size and tangible

Points brought up in discussion and Takeaways:

  • Mentors need to be trained and work with mentor groups to learn how to be the best they can
  • Younger generations should reach out to older generations for mentors
  • Reverse mentorships where students mentor older generations
  • Don’t minimize the importance of a job or task
  • Narrow the scope of tracking opportunities to make it easier for students
  • Open source teaching allows for teachers to be more creative and innovative in a class
  • Maintaining the connection between now and the future
  • Offer solid incentives that your student demographic will appreciate
  • Factor in proper support especially for the times that students will fail
  • Continue to point out how inspiration and passion drive student’s gift of time

Questions brought up in and since our breakout:

  • How can cross-generational integration lead to motivating students?
  • Does online forum reflection work just as well as in person reflection?
  • What strategies do you use that get students more engaged?

I hope this was beneficial for all of you. I gained a great amount of knowledge and am excited to put it into action. Keep being awesome!

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