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Differentiation between Community Marketing and Traditional Marketing


Community Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: How to Differentiate
Traditional/Field Marketing (or old-tyme marketing) is all about Lead Generation

What is Community Marketing return on investment?

corporate brand vs community

Often get asked internally: what do you really do?

For Linux, Advocacy (AKA Community Marketing) - listening arm of organization, Represent community back to Foundation
Mkg - broadcast arm

AKA Dev Rel / Tech Marketing
“traditional marketing is poison to our communities”

SAP has good practice

Community Mkg - branding awareness of community itself
not “community management”
more education and promotion
group w/in org to work in other communities
community architect - design other community
trouble getting into mailing list or to github repository

community moderation on Forums, SME responding
tweeting about who - community mkg - operational
community marketing can provide
-branding, recuitiment
-help evangelist scale
-less support
-more people to drive adoption
All intangible byproducts
“traditional marketing” provides the venue, community marketing provides content

convincing devs we really want to come to our community
capture minds and heart
open source communites are “ good w/ contributors, not w users”

Microsoft MVP Program
3 Pillars of MS community** 1) Support 2) Engineering/Advocates/Voice of Customer 3) Advocacy
**but going through an identity crisis”
MS was just communites of their own product users, now opening up to much larger communities
“a headache, but a headache we wish to have”

Cassandra - example of communites that span open source, commercial product and foundation
Non-profit experience? smaller, building w partners, strive for clean, clear measurable engagement
lots of problems == not communicating well
other companies: not specific ROIs - “soft actions”
forging a brand, personality
Mkg - conversation to community
Community - conversation w/in community

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