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Effective Crowdfunding


Hi All,

I would like to run a session at CLS about running effective crowd-funding campaigns. I have been involved in a few campaigns and I am keen to share my experiences and learn from others about how to optimize crowd-funding for (a) funding projects, (b) growing community, and © raising awareness.

Are there any topics that relate to this that you folks are particularly interested in discussing in the session?


Love it! We wore lucky enough be have helped over 2000+ startups/entrepreneurs via crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platforms.


Wow. Can you share more about this? :slight_smile:


I’m happy to share what we learned on the GNU MediaGoblin campaign.


I would love to hear more. I don’t suppose you fancy giving us a quick preview here, do you? :wink:


Sure. Just re-sharing your fundraising pitch or link every day without new info is boring and not very effective. We talked about the exciting stuff we were building and doing so that there was constantly interesting news. We also did a lot of work to recognize all our allies and partners, which breaks up the “me, me, me” pattern that is so easy to fall into when crowd-funding. I can talk more about why I think that all worked for us.


Agreed. I think one of the key things here is having a solid content plan with interesting things that percolate the campaign through the duration of it.

@freedeb, how did the campaign go in the end? Did you achieve your goals?


For reference, a summary of a lot of crowdfunding platforms and issues from our research is at https://snowdrift.coop/p/snowdrift/w/othercrowdfunding

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