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For Next Year - Distinguish Open Source Topics from General CL Topics?



Had a great time at the CLS, but I did find that it seemed like 75 to 80% of the attendees seem to come from Open Source companies, which is wonderful, but coming from an entirely different type of company, it did make a few of the talks too open-source-centric for my needs.

This year, there were indicators for various things, like “Technical” and “I need help with” etc… perhaps next year we could include something about whether the topic relates to Open Source technology community leadership, or to community leadership in a broader sense.

I’ve been a CM for years, and it did seem like the Open Source folks have pretty different issues than the rest of us, so it would behoove us all to have sessions that are labeled in such a way.

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Indeed. This is a concern that I have each year is that Open Source naturally dominates the discussion due to our closeness to OSCON.

I think a more directed way of labeling those sessions could make sense. What does everyone else think?


This is a good thought to ID the open source discussions. Though I would add that there is a broader diversity to community types/challenges than just open source vs not. (Though it seems to uniquely emphasize product mgmt., project mgmt. and collaboration).

A lot of folks seemed to be working with branded customer communities and also support communities - and both are quite different from the type I am focused on: Communities of Practice/Peer Learning - where the goal is mostly peer engagement vs a central hub.

This was my first CLS and I found some relevant takeaways from many of the discussions. But it might also be useful to explicitly think about community types, maturity and related considerations.


I’m sensitive to this. I’m a newcomer to Open Source but am now in that world. I think this is like other types of concerns for diversity and inclusion.

Making talks specifically Open Source focused is often as careless as assuming everyone is male. The vast majority of discussions are applicable beyond Open Source and it’s only the myopia of some of the people involved that keeps it from being more general. Basically, my view is that all the Open Source folks should actively work to make every topic not be limited to Open Source and actively think about how to generalize the issues. If that is done, it will only be clearly Open Source topics that are distinct or less applicable to others.

So I agree about this topic, but I think we need more integration rather than more segregation.

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