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How to prep for summit


Hi Everyone!

Blue Jeans will be attending for the first time this year. Does anyone have any advice on what to prep or what to expect? We are hoping to present for that 15 minutes Jono offered and want to be relevant.



Welcome, @brittanylucero!

For your 15 minute plenary, if you could just email me with a topic and overview of what you would like to present, that would be great. The plenaries are after lunch in front of the whole group, and they are designed to be of general interest to the group, so if you can share your experiences about things that could relate to everyone, that would be great.

In terms of pre, the way CLS works is that we all get there on the first morning and there is an empty schedule. I then kick of a plenary about the event and then we have a scheduling session where those who want to give sessions line up and write their sessions on small cards. They then announce the session on a mic and put it on the board. Finally we consolidate similar sessions.

This results in a really diverse range of sessions that looks like this:

We then get into the main meat of the event and people attend sessions. We always recommend that each session leader drives the session and ultimate tries to get to a set of primary conclusions and recommendations at the end. These conclusions are then shared as notes…and for this year we will share notes right here on the forum…this way people can discussion the session after the conference ends.

Of course, no one is pressured into giving a session…you can simply join others’ sessions if you want, but if you are interested in running a session it can really be on anything you like that relates to community management and leadership. This could include topics such as:

  • Social media
  • Governance
  • Conflict resultion
  • Building buzz and excitement
  • Managing and running foundations
  • Creating collaborative infrastructure
  • Process management and work-flow
  • Building internal communities
  • Managing company/community relations

…or anything else. :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask anything else, and other people are welcome to chip in with feedback with how to get the most out of the event. :slight_smile:


I always suggest folks bring a notebook and pen and be ready to take lots of notes and takeaways from talks you participate in.

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