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How to 'sell' a CLSx?


We are having a hard time figuring that out exactly how to sell CLSx in a way that really would be attractive to a sponsor. We don’t have the usual booths that other confs might have, it isn’t the same recruiting type situation.

Any ideas on how to sell it? Any input would also be very beneficial for all other CLSx’s


What about setting up a structure that leverages the fact that your focus is community leaders? “Sponsoring us puts your brand in front of communities globally.”


I think it depends on the sponsor. I always recommend tuning the messaging to the needs of the sponsor. Fundamentally, the CLSx event is designed to bring together community leaders to further the art and science of great community leadership.

With so many companies looking to build powerful communities, this can be a great recruiting tool, awareness campaign, or other elements. Focus on the sponsors core goals and then try to tie CLSx to those goals.

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!