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How well do you delegate?


Many people find delegating to be one of the most difficult elements of leadership
As community leader, how do you delegate? Moderation role, community role?
Common barriers and concerns? How can you help your delegates be successful?
How to get good feedback from those you delegate to?


Part of being a good leaders is being able to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of those you lead. While delegation very clearly helps you, it also needs to be beneficial to those you delegate to in order to keep them interested and motivated for those tasks.

Delegation, after a certain size in any community, be it an employee pool, an internet forum, or a club at the local library, is essential. The real question, however, is how do you get the people you need to delegate to invested enough in the outcome that you feel comfortable letting go of a little control.


Great point! Do you have any advice? I need to split my work asking my people to help out in some things. How can I do it effectively?


The problem is that there’s no set solution. It all depends on your people. Only you know them well enough to determine how best to delegate tasks to them.

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