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Improve Wikipedia's community management articles together


Wikipedia’s articles for online community manager and community management need a lot of work. For example, the “online community manager” article does not even reflect that many community managers work with hybrid online/offline communities (with real-life meetups, conferences, project sprints, and so on).

Let’s read these articles, discuss what they should look like, make a todo list, get our laptops out, and do some hands-on editing together.

If people want to do this but have never edited Wikipedia before, that’s great - I like teaching people about making good edits, and probably other people at CLS are experienced Wikipedia editors too.

Understanding how Wikipedia works is useful knowledge for community managers, and improving people’s understanding of our work is good for us as well.


This sounds like a wonderful thing to do…it would be awesome to have a group that improves the articles together. :slight_smile:


Was about to post about those two Wikipedia pages, as I’ve been pitching CLS 2016 to some folks not familiar with the concept. I thought to search first and found this thread.

Are folks on this forum happy with the current state of these two articles? The first page (online community manager) is flagged as having multiple issues which isn’t always the best first impression for a high-level exec :wink: and the other article has only had a handful of updates since @brittag’s original post so I’m betting we could improve it some!

I’m still forming opinions and learning, but do have community management responsibility as a part of my new job – so I look forward to working with others here. Worst case, let’s plan to do some paired editing at CLS 2016!

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