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Keynote 2016 by Rod Martin: Secrets To Growing A Global Community


Rod Martin

Has been using Joomla! and Drupal “forever,” involved in Drupal community now.

Key secrets to growth hacking: throwing everything against the wall and seeing what sticks.

Building powerful community networks

Building: should be active, personal, intensive. Don’t just throw up announcements and expect everybody to jump on board. Invite someone personally. Takes effort and time.

Powerful: should be tangible, visible, emotional. Needs substance and leadership.

Community: Has characters, cares, culture. Requires a common culture, which is put in place bit by bit as you show and call for accountability. Joomla! has cultural problems that have never been addressed.

Networks: should have connections, communications, and change. The connections we build keep up in the community and keep us accountable.

Mutual assistance, helpful information.

Start with the “why” for your community, always come back to it. Especially if your project has lost its way or if you lack contributors.

Make it easy for contributors in all areas. Empowerment.

Every person is important and can contribute to the project in a meaningful way.

Be kind, even if you argue.

Celebrate everyone, not just the coders. Projects need documentation, community managers, etc. For instance, Drupal publishes just code contributions, but should take the extra effort to celebrate other contributions.

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