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Linking and self-promotion


This is more of a meta-discussion, I suppose. But I’ve been dipping in and out of this forum for the past few weeks to read threads. One thing I keep wondering is whether it’s okay to start discussions here about things I may have written in other venues.

I’m a community manager on the Apache CouchDB project, and I also help out with some other Apache top-level projects, and mentor for the Incubator too. (Nice to see Shane here!)

I regularly share my thoughts with the mailing list and sometimes I write blog posts too. Here’s one I just posted (prompting me to start this thread):

I’m wondering if it’s appropriate to link to things like this. I know some places have strict rules on self-promotion so as to keep out the spammers. But really, I don’t know many other community managers, and so I don’t often get to have conversations about this stuff. It’s frustrating that Reddit doesn’t have an active community manager subreddit. In fact, that’s how I found this place!


My view here is simple: if what you are sharing helps further the discussion of community leadership and management, sure, go ahead!

If it is off-topic and irrelevant, then I would not recommend it.

As a side note, I would always recommend kicking off new discussions on here too…this forum has got a great opportunity to become a central body of knowledge. :slight_smile:


That’s a great blog post, by the way. I maintain an open source project that by sheer popularity has attracted a few patches, but your article shines light on many of the barriers to entry that I didn’t realize were there. Thanks!


Okay, thanks jonobacon. And thanks alltom!

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!