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New user introductions!


Hi, I’m Lynn. I’m an event manager working at Cognitect. I organize tech conferences (Clojure/conj, Clojure/West) and am part of the founding group for ClojureBridge. I’m nomadic, so I’ve been wandering around the United States meeting awesome people in my travels. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone!



My name is Jeremiah C. Foster and I work as GENIVI Alliance’s community manager. The GENIVI Alliance is a non-profit working to build a robust Open Source Community around In-Vehicle Infotainment middleware. I also participate in the Automotive Grade Linux organization at the Linux Foundation. Open Source and automotive are the buzzwords I’ll be using. :smile:

I look forward to meeting all of you in Portland and to discuss the practice of community and cat herding.



Hi all!

I’m the Community Manager at DataKind. We bring organizations who are dedicated to making the world a better place together with expert pro bono data scientists to improve the quality of, access to and understanding of data in the social sector. We’re based in Brooklyn, NY, with one active chapter in the UK, and more to come later this summer.

I actually started at DataKind last July, the week after CLS13, so I’ve been waiting almost a whole year to meet you all! See you in Portland!


Hi, my name is Alex Blanton. I work at Microsoft in a group called Engineering Excellence, where I do community consulting for teams that are starting or reinvigorating community efforts. I also program-manage a set of 9 technical communities. I am an Ultimate Frisbee player and my team is still in the running for Nationals, which are the same weekend as the Summit, so I’m not sure yet if I’ll be in Sarasota, FL, or Portland that weekend…


Wonderful to see all the introductions, folks! Keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

First thank you Jono for opening this discussion platform. My name is Charles-H. Schulz and I’ve been a a long time contributor to OpenOffice.org and (perhaps more visibly) to the LibreOffice project and the Document Foundation of which I’m one of the co-founders. Not having a technical background I took a sheer interest in community growth and leadership early on and adapted this knowledge and my experience in my former business. One of my recent achievements was the setup of the OpenMandriva project and entity.

Today I am still very active inside the Document Foundation mostly on marketing, social networks, distribution, etc. You can of course follow me on Twitter (@ch_s) and my blog (www.standardsandfreedom.net)

I look forward to having some great conversations here!


Hi All,

I’m Rich Sands, and I’ve been involved in FLOSS community building for most of a decade. I cut my teeth at Sun Microsystems, leading the marketing efforts behind open source Java (OpenJDK) both before and after Sun pulled the trigger and open sourced Java. I contributed to several other FLOSS communities at Sun, and then after leaving the company I remained involved in community building. I was the community manager at Ohloh, Black Duck’s directory of everything FLOSS, for about 18 months on and off, and as an independent product marketing, management, and strategy consultant have helped my clients understand the ins and outs of developer and open source communities. I’ve been attending CLS events for a number of years, and am looking forward to another fun and informative couple days in Portland. See you there!


Hi all,

I’m Dave Neary, long-time free software guy, and I see a lot of familiar names here.

I started my free software life as a GIMP developer, then a GNOME community member, before working (for money!) as OpenWengo community manager. Since making the jump to professional community manager, I’ve worked with a number of projects, most notably Maemo, Meego and Tizen, nefore joining Red Hat’s Open Source and Standards team 2 years ago. Since then, I’ve worked with oVirt, launched the RDO distribution of OpenStack, and am currently working on the launch of the ManageIQ cloud management platform.

I am also, incidentally, one of the founders of the FLOSS Foundations mailing list & workgroups, and have served on the board of a number of free software related non-profits, including Yorba, the Community for Open Source Microfinance, the GNOME Foundation and Upstream University.

Nice to meet you all!


Hey peepz,

I’m Henne Vogelsang, founding and ex-board member of the openSUSE Project. Although I don’t participate nominally as community leader in openSUSE anymore, thanks to our flat hierarchy, I’m still involved in lot’s of day to day leadership around openSUSE. During the day I hack on the Open Build Service for SUSE, which kind of has it’s own very small community (that doesn’t need any leading (yet)).

I’m excited to see some collaboration about this, sometimes pesky, leadership topic and anticipate some great conversations :slight_smile:


I’m Bdale Garbee, and I despise web forums… so don’t expect me to show up here very often, despite passion for the subject.

First contribution to what we now call Free Software in 1979, early participant in the Debian project, former Debian Project Leader, now chairman of the Debian Technical Committee. President of Software in the Public Interest. On the boards of directors of the Linux Foundation, the FreedomBox Foundation, and Aleph Objects.

Took early retirement in late 2012 from long-held position as HP Open Source and Linux Chief Technologist.

Keith Packard and I run Altus Metrum, LLC, which is a successful open hardware and software producer of avionics for the high power model rocketry hobby.


I’m Detlev Sieber, and I’m working as Business Director for Digitalcourage e.V., a German privacy and digital rights organisation. Under the motif of preserving “a world worth living in the digital age”, Digitalcourage campaigns for civil and human rights, consumer protection, privacy, freedom of information and related issues.

Since we are using the free software CiviCRM, and had to implement a number of enhancements to make this software usable in Germany, I founded the association “Software für Engagierte e.V.”, with several german organisation joining together to implement and improve CiviCRM.

I am curious about the discussions in this forum - however most probably I will be mostly listening…


Heyla All, I am Ben van 't Ende from the Netherlands. I am community manager and currently working for the TYPO3 community and have been for the past four years. TYPO3 is an Open Source Content Management System, like Drupal or Joomla.

I took the initiative to organise CLS in Europe. In the beginning of May we had a mini-CLS at LinuxTag in Berlin, which was really mini :wink: We had five interesting presentation in a timespan of 3 hours. There are quite some people interested in a full unconference like in Portland and we will start meeting up shortly again to arrange and organise that. Berlin seems an ideal place to do that again. I am in contact with some people across Europe already. If you are interested to sponsor or help out OR have any other input for me than let me know.

It looks like I will not be in Portland this year, but I am not sure yet. Maybe I can bend things in the right direction.


Hello All, I am Benjamin Kerensa and I’m a former Community Manager of OpenPhoto Project now known as Trovebox. I’m a contributor to Mozilla’s Developer Relations Team and also serve as a Community Release Manager working on the Firefox Nightly Channel.

I also help organize a number of events each year for Mozilla and other organizations and contribute to a handful of Open Source projects.


Name is Robin Haberman and I would like to host a discussion on how the efforts of the open source community with the scientific community can create new tools and platforms to aid in the study of global climate change. After two years of setting in on discussions at past summits I think it’s my turn to step out and hold my first one.


Hi there, my name is Italo Vignoli, and I am - of course - Italian (old and therefore grumpy). I have been involved in free software since 2004, when I entered the OOo community out of curiosity for something which was completely different from my background (humanities) alhtough I have been involved in high-tech marketing since 1981 on the strategic communications, public relations, and media outreach side. In 2010, I have contributed to the birth of LibreOffice, and since then I have coordinated - and executed - most of the project communication activities. I am totally marketing biased, and I think that marketing is the worst weakness of free software and free software communities (because free software advocates are too gentle to be good marketers…). My personal tagline, as a marketer, is “bastard inside” (which represents quite well my attitude when I am handling marketing projects). See you all in Portland.



I am James Finstrom. I am currently the community manager for the FreePBX project. Previously I worked as the community manager for a telephony hardware manufacturer. I have been involved with the FreePBX project for about 8 years then got the opportunity to join the team. Some folks here may actually use FreePBX in their offices but for those not familiar it is a front end configuration engine for Asterisk and is used in many projects such as the defunct trixbox, Elastix, PBX in a Flash and many other home brew systems. It allows you to easily create a full featured PBX for yourself, your business or whomever.

On a side note is is really cool this is using Discourse. They are a great group and we recently migrated our forums to discourse from drupal. They made it a relatively painless task to move almost a decade of data.


Hi all,

I’ve been interested in understanding free, open source software communities from a research point of view for some time. A couple of years ago I co-founded Bitergia, a company providing services in this area: analytics about software development. See for example some of the dashboards we’re producing for well-known projects.

BTW, I’m also one of the co-organizers of the FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting, just the day after the Community Leadership Summit. You’re invited to join!


Hey, everyone! :smile: Nice to “meet” you!

My name is Angie Byron or “webchick” and I’m a cat herder (among many other things) for the Drupal community (Drupal’s an open source content management framework). I’m mainly a self-taught developer, though I have some schooling to fill in some gaps. I work for Acquia, which is a VC-backed startup co-founded by Drupal’s “Benevolent Dictator for Life”, Dries Buytaert and my role there is effectively to help the Drupal community be more awesome.

I got started with Drupal back in 2005 when it was around 20,000 people strong, almost all of them developers. These days it’s up over 1m users, and a much, much more diverse group (though still a lot of developers :D). It’s been quite a ride, with numerous lessons learned (some harder than others) on what it takes to scale a community like this. I’m hoping some of these lessons can be helpful to others, and also that I can learn from others on the problems we haven’t nailed yet. :slight_smile:

Sadly, I once again won’t be able to attend CLS this year (I have a good excuse this time though! We’re taking our 14 month old daughter to meet her relatives in Nova Scotia for the first time! :smiley:) but I’ve been twice before and it was a hugely energizing experience. I find that (ironically, given all of the interactions we do with people every day!) doing community management can be somewhat of an isolating experience; folks in your community don’t always “get” what you do. So meeting with others who are nodding their head vigorously when you get to talking about challenges you’ve experienced as a community leader, and then sharing how they’ve handled a similar situation, is really rewarding and mind-expanding. :slight_smile: Hope you first-timers have a blast, and hope I can hang with you all next year!



I’m Shane Curcuru, and I am not currently a community manager, although I’d like to become one. :sunglasses:

In the real world, I volunteer as VP, Brand Management for the ASF, setting brand and trademark policy for all 190 Apache project/podling communities. I’m also active in a number of other organizational parts of running the ASF, and am a 5 time past Director, past Apache OpenOffice podling Incubator mentor, past ApacheCon conference chair, and past decade+ contributor to ApacheCon conferences. I’ve finally started building a roster of talks about brand and community management, which I hope to expand.

In the mundane world, I started at Lotus 1-2-3 until IBM bought us. Working in IBM Research, my team donated the core of the XML/XSLT processing stack to the ASF in 1999, so I started my Apache career being paid to code. When my $dayjob changed directions, I scaled back my open source coding, but stayed involved in with Apache communities and operations, purely as a volunteer.

I’m at the point in life where I’m interested in getting paid for doing something I love, so I’m definitely excited to see this forum and learn from some other style community people!

  • Shane

P.S. Sadly, since all my open source work is on volunteer time and personally paid airline tickets, I probably can’t make CLS this year, although I will be speaking at OSCON… well, OSCON Ignite at least!


By the way, folks, @webchick is awesome. Sad we won’t get to see you at CLS this year, but have a great trip!

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