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New user introductions!


Hey all,

I’m the newest member and I’m Svetlana Belkin. I’m an active Ubuntu Member. I’m the new admin of the Ubuntu Leadership Team, where the goal of the team is to help the new leaders of the Ubuntu Community by giving them resources on how to lead and how start things up.

I’m also a leader of Ubuntu Scientists, admin of my LoCo (Ubuntu Ohio), and the driver of the Ubuntu Community Wiki side of the Ubuntu Doc Team.

I would like to thank @jonobacon for setting up this forum and the idea of making resources for the new gen of leaders!


Hey there! Ravishu Arora here. Been an enthusiastic Ubuntu fan since back in college when gutsy was released. Now, with trusty on my personal laptop, am the proud founder moderator of a 70 member strong community called “Ubuntu - Linux for human beings” on our company’s internal social networking portal. Am here looking for ways to keep the community alive, attract the right people, and make it more meaningful and relevant.


You came to the right place. :slight_smile:



Hi, everyone! My name is James Sarino, and I’m a Community Coordinator at Answers.com, based in St. Louis. Looking forward to meeting you all for this year’s event, as well as learning a thing or two. :smile:


Hi! My name is Bruce Cronquist and I work as a Subject Matter Expert and Knowledge Engineer at Microsoft. I am part of Engineering Excellence, a team that is responsible for training Microsoft engineers and developing company best practices. My specific sub team Aspire is tasked with foundational training: new hires, new to role, and so on. We have been trying different ways of starting communities. Some work, and some haven’t. Many of my fellow teammates will be at the CLF, most for the first time. We are all excited to come away with great ideas, and contribute wherever we can.


Uhhhm. I’m not sure if that matters, but I’m not finding my name in the list of attendees. I have my proof of registration since May 28, though…


I just updated the list. Are you there now?


Yes! Thanks a lot, @jonobacon


Hi everyone. I’m Minette Norman, and I’m Senior Director of Localization at Autodesk. I’ll soon be taking on some new responsibilities around internal community as we’re trying to break down silos between development teams, getting developers to share code rather than reinventing the wheel. I am very much looking forward to getting new ideas and making some new connections.


Hi folks,

I’m Jade Wang, and I’ve been in charge of Developer Engagement at Meteor, the open source web framework, for the past 2 years, during which I started our meetup program, which now runs in 63 cities, and our Devshop program, which now runs in 2 cities. I’d love to lead a session on empowering leaders within the community, which I talked about at Heavybit earlier this week, but mostly, I’d love to compare notes with everyone else who’s been at this for a lot longer than I have. (Reading all your intros so far has just been super inspiring!)

Before my time at Meteor, I founded Chez JJ, the hacker house collective, a network of live-work communities all around the SF Bay Area for tech entrepreneurs, scientists, and other itinerant geeks. (In a previous life, I was a biologist – my Ph.D. is in neuroscience (auditory EEG work), my post-doc was in human factors & usability in aviation. I’d love to be a part of any discussion on the intersection of OSS and science.) Lately, I’ve also been helping my partner, Kenton Varda, with Sandstorm, an open source platform that makes it easy to run web apps on your own server. (The goal is to make it much easier for open source web apps to take hold by eliminating the learning curve associated with running your own server.) In my spare time, I love hosting dinner parties and LAN parties for geeks and felines alike.

This is my first CLS, and I’m really excited to meet all the rest of you! Thanks for making this happen, @jonobacon!


Welcome new users!

If you haven’t had a chance to share an introduction…please do, it is a great way for us to get to know you! :slight_smile:


Hello, It’s been amazing to read all of these bios. I’m looking forward to gathering with you- but I hope we will have good name tags or that you will be wearing the same outfits in your profile pictures so I can recognize you. :wink:

I’m Leah Davis, Online Instruction Community Coordinator for BYU-Idaho. I love the good that comes from a successful community strategy. I’ve been working with an online organization that has grown from 18 to over 1000 part-time online instructors, Our collective community is our nourishment hub that empowers these instructors to successfully serve over 20,000 remotely located students. We have a 85% average monthly activity rate in our Instructor community. They are organized in to sub groups of about ten instructors and our community mirrors that organizational infrastructure. I would love to hear more about what you’re working on. I’m passionate for start ups, stats, and refreshing ideas, as my brain is wired to see what’s missing and to follow through with innovations.

My “Coordinator” title hints at my role in helping my administrative associate team members nourish the community with their essential nutrients. I understand the science behind motivation and the sincerity that creates long-lasting care. I’m a believer that a sincere smile can reach for miles.



I’m Britta Gustafson, and I’m a community manager for Cydia, the alternative to the App Store for jailbroken iOS. My work includes support/news forums and IRC channels, documentation for users and developers, and an annual conference. I also volunteer for OpenHatch, which helps newcomers contribute to open source projects (and helps open source projects get friendlier for newcomers).

If you meet me at CLS, here’s a thing I like talking about with new people: how does your community handle new participants? What has your community (and you) learned about teaching people the ropes and supporting them getting more involved? Maybe you have some cool documentation, or a mentorship program, or a code of conduct that encourages friendliness, or maybe your community really just struggles with all of this, or something else. I am super curious - especially about open tech/culture communities, but other kinds too.


Howdy folks,

I’m Roland Smart and I run the community programs for Oracle. That said, I’ve spent most of my career working for startups and creating user communities around our services. This will be my first year at the CLS and I’m looking forward to it.

Find me on LinkedIn @ http://www.linkedin.com/in/rolandsmart
And my blog @ http://www.rolandsmart.com




Hey yo.

I’m Mike Hoye, Engineering Community Manager for Mozilla. There’s more to it than that, of course, but that’s a decent start.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!


A common problem at many companies. Communities is a good place to start. Initiating a culture change, now that is where the real work will be involved. It will be fun to chat with you on this. At Microsoft we still have some silos between product groups. We have silos between disciplines, say Developers and Testers; and between the old guard and the new guard.


I look forward to meeting you and discussing this topic, Bruce!


Hi all!

Aaron here. I recently started a new role for Accompani as our Customer Relations head, and I’m currently building out a team for our future office here in PDX, where I live and work, or in our HQ in Silicon Valley. Before Accompani, I was at Ning for over 4 years where I ran support and helped out with our vibrant customer community. I’ll be at the summit Friday afternoon and will try to make the meetup this evening (Thursday). Looking forward to meeting you!



My name is Emma Irwin, I am attending CLS as a Mozilla Rep, which is an empowered role in the Mozilla community. I contribute regularly to the Mozilla project specifically Mozilla Webmaker and the Mozilla Reps program as mentor and member of council.

I work for a Benetech Labs initiative called SocialCoding4Good, where I match technical contributors with Open projects like Wikimedia, Mozilla, Mifos and Medic Mobile (to name only a few). We also partner and run events with corporate engineering teams, who want to apply their technical expertise to the the global community by contributing to an open project. I love my job.

I am super-interested in helping projects define better contribution pathways, while empowering community to have the impact they are so capable of . I love community!

I am @sunnydeveloper on Twitter.

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!