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New user introductions!


As part of our corporate community outreach, I started a Meetup Group for Documentarians (Tech Writers). We’'ve had two excellent meetings, over 80 members, and I would love to learn how others nurture and promote their communities. (http://www.meetup.com/Write-The-Docs-PDX/ )

Mike Jang
Senior Technical Writer


Hi folks! I’m Carina C. Zona, Community Manager for the open source virtualization / cloud compute project ZeroVM.

I’m the founder & maintainer of @CallbackWomen, helping prospective speakers and conference organizers connect; and educate conference organizers about issues that affect their ability to foster gender diversity in their events. Ask me for stickers! Help get the word out.

I also speak, teach, and advocate frequently. Organizations have included RailsBridge, Women Who Code, Girl Develop It, Black Girls Code, and GetSET.

If you’d like to get together here, or in the future, ping me via Twitter (@cczona)


Although it’s a different field, one person I’m almost surprised isn’t here is Chris Mattmann - a fellow ASF leader and also a big JPL guy with experience working with both scientists and government types. Look him up:


Chris was kind enough to confirm ASF-derived code is not only used across our planet, but has actually shipped / launched on a satellite as well.


I read an interesting article this morning in the California Magazine that might help. It talks about branding. One part of the article discusses how branding can help break silos! See:

It occurred to me that you might be able to use the company brand, or create a new branding, to help make the disparate silos feel more connected. You have the obvious “we’re all one company,” but could you also create a new “We’re more successful when we work together” branding, which might help change the culture.

Just a thought.


I’m Ann Barcomb. I attended CLS in Portland in 2012 when I was working as a Community Builder at RIPE NCC. Last year I started working on a PhD with the Open Source Research Group at Friedrich-Alexander University in Germany. My research focus is volunteer management in open source communities. So obviously community leadership is still a topic of great interest to me, even if I am not presently working in this capacity.


Hi everyone,

My name is Antoine, aka ttoine, and I am Community Manager at Bonitasoft, an Open Source software editor in France. I am also cofounder of Ubuntu Studio, the multimedia production oriented flavour of Ubuntu.

Passionate about B2B marketing and Open Source, I also like a lot live music, recording musicians etc. And when possible, I like to use Open Source software to produce music and video.

Will miss CLS in Portland: too far for me for a few days :wink:



My name is Masafumi Ohta.and I am Representative of Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group and one of the moderators on official Raspberry Pi forum website.I used to be Core Contributor for OpenSolaris community - leading OpenSolaris for Eee PC - one of the project porting OpenSolaris to Netbook.

Now looking into ARM embedded devices like Adapteva Parallella,Nvidia Jetson TK1,beaglebone and more - to replace x86 server on my home with ARM embeddeds.Love BMW bikes (riding F800GT going around),online games(Secondlife and more).

I have attended CLS12 was very impressed and had a fun with much more OSS Leaders all over the world -still keeping in touch with some people at CLS12 to share the issue about OSS community.

I missed CLS14…do hope to see you all next year CLS15!



I’m Jimmy Sjölund and try to help out with Ubuntu Studio as much as I can when I can, which lately have been less than I hoped but sometimes other things in life will need prioritizing. I’ve been a linux user since 2005 and running Ubuntu Studio as a amateur musician and studio tech since 2007. I’m interested in communities, how they work, how people work, so naturally I ended up here when Jono set the forum up.


I’m Ned Batchelder, working at edX. I’m actually a software architect, but am acting as the community manager for Open edX until we can find someone more experienced in the role to step in. I have a lot to learn, so any guidance is appreciated!


Hi, my name is Denis Pageau and I specialize in creating, facilitating and managing communities of practice for citizens.

My last initiative is called Citizens and Societies and we are over 7000 members. My goal is to help develop as many local communities of practice as possible to help citizens built better societies together which is our motto. To do this, I have developed an innovative approach and methodology to facilitate communication between citizens.

At this point, it is volunteer work, so I am available if you need someone to create, facilitate or manage a community. You can find my profile on LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/citizensandsocieties/

For those interested in participating in the development and facilitating Citizens and Societies" CoP for citizens, you can join the community here: http://linkd.in/PCqsxG. You can also welcome to join to discuss the different individual, group, and collectives practices that help build better societies.

Societally yours


Hi everybody. I know the last post was in October 2014, so I hope it’s okay if I bump this. :smile:

I’m Josh Lim, and I sit on the Board of Trustees of Wikimedia Philippines, the Philippine local chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. Since we were founded in 2010, my role has largely been community management and international relations-related, so I’m responsible for figuring out how to get Wikimedia Philippines members, participants at our events, and Wikipedians as a whole, involved with our projects. It’s been fun, and I’d love to see how other communities go about making their members invested in their products.

I’m also the Community Manager at Viddsee, a Singaporean startup that showcases Asian short films. While most of my work there is social media-related, it’s been fun: we successfully built a culture of instant communication where before this wasn’t present. My contract’s almost up though, so I’m also looking for other opportunities if this doesn’t work out.

I look forward to joining CLS soon, but I may not be able to this year: it conflicts with Wikimania 2015! But if I get the chance to, I’d love to join! Otherwise, I’d love to connect on Twitter (@akiestar) or LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesjoshualim), and I look forward to sharing with you guys, especially with how we approach communities in Asia and the developing world in general.


Howdy -
I’m Gina (say “Jenna”) Likins (say “Lye-kins”) [yeah, sorry about that]. I’ve been doing internet stuff for what feels like forever (1993ish) but only moved into the world of open source three years ago, so I’m still learning these ropes.

I am on the university outreach team at Red Hat, where our goal is to help universities do more open source – and I can’t wait to talk to y’all more about how we can nurture those communities. :smile:



My name is Patricia and I rep open source technologies. More specifically, I represent a build of OpenJDK called Zulu by Azul Systems.

My background is in building communities around SDN, networking virtualization and technology.

Please connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn. Looking forward to meeting you!
Twitter: @patricia_dugan
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patriciadugan
If you’re interested in OpenJDK and Java, ping me to collaborate.


Hi folks!

I’m Michelle, and I just joined Elastic as Developer Relations Coordinator. Before this, I was a marketing generalist at Puppet Labs for four years, where my claims to fame were GIF contests, annual DevOps surveys + reports, and all things social media. I’m really excited to keep learning how to help awesome dev communities.

I’m also based in Portland, and looking forward to attending CLS for the first time this year!


Hi, my name is Nechama Robinson. A representative of the un-tech world, I have great appreciation for @jonobacon creating a space that highlights the essential symbiosis between communities on both sides of the tech divide. Innovating models for understanding and demystifying the human mind is my gig, with special emphasis on getting to the root of empathy and community process. Looking forward to meeting everyone in July!


Thanks for the kind words, @Nechama!


Hi, I’m Ilan Rabinovitch, and I started a new community focused position today at Datadog. Prior to Datadog, I led infrastructure focused engineering teams at Ooyala and Edmunds.

I have been attending CLS for a number of years, wearing my LinuxFests.org hat. LinuxFests is the non-profit behind SCALE. We additionally provide support and fiscal sponsorship for open source community events such as Texas Linux Fest, SEAGL and DevOpsDays Silicon Valley.

I look forward to seeing everyone at CLS in a few weeks, and learning with you all as I dive into this new role.



Hi, I’m John Streeter, a first-time community manager at Rally, following a previous role in very reactive customer support.

This will be my first time at CLS and I’m really excited to be able to meet with other people in the same community-management-boat, share ideas, and learn from everyone!

Based out of Boulder, CO. Anyone else from Colorado?


Hello, everybody! My name is Jack Schneider, and I am the community manager for the Global Rational User Community. I am also the IBM user group manager, a role I will be assuming once I get back into the office. I am passionate about all things marketing and graphic design. I love drawing in users with compelling content and visually compelling graphics. My business mantra is: Communication, Communication, Communication!

Outside of the office, I love running 10ks and half marathons, playing with my 2 mini-schnazuers, being partnered to an amazing teacher and amateur DJing (emphasis on amateur)!

I look forward to networking with many of you at the summit!


Hi John. I am based in Greenwood Village, CO. This is my first CLS as well, and I’m excited to meet many community managers. PM me for my contact info, etc.

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!