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New user introductions!


Hello! I’m Romar. I’m based here in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. I haven’t joined a CLS (yet) but looking forward to one soon.

I’ve been in various communities either as co-organizer or volunteer. I think this is an awesome community to be in and I’d be able to learn a lot.


Hi everyone,

My name is Carl Webb and I live in Austin, Texas but I’m originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. I’m learning how to use Social Media and would love to know more about Community Management.


Hello, world!

My name is Ben Ramsey. I live in Nashville, TN, where I’m an organizer of the Nashville PHP user group, and I also organize a “user group leadership group” for all the local developer-focused user groups in the Nashville area. It’s comprised of leaders from each of the developer user groups, and we meet quarterly to discuss topics around running user groups.

In 2011, I organized the PHP Community Conference in Nashville. The conference was a success, but we only held it the one year. I have been considering hosting a second incarnation of the conference.

Before moving to Nashville six years ago, I lived in Atlanta, GA, where I founded the Atlanta PHP user group in 2004. That group is still alive and well today.



Hello, Hello. I’m Dave, a new user here. I’ve worked at Symantec/Norton since March 2000.

I’ve been the Manager in charge of the Norton Community Forum since its inception in 2008. For years we used Lithium as our community platform, but moved to Drupal over a year ago.

Every year my team would attend the Lithium conference #LINC where we networked with other Community Managers, sharing ideas and best practices. I attended DrupalCon this year, hoping to find the same experience. I was very disappointed during the conference, not finding what I was looking for. I began to make a list in Amazon.com with all the books written about Community Management, with the plan to start my own Community Con, inviting all of the authors to present. I figured between Symantec’s resources, and partnering with TSIA, I could have a good turn-out. And then on the last day of DrupalCon, during the very last session, @jhibbets gave the presentation I was looking for. Afterwards he was gracious with his time and sat with me and my Community Administrator where he introduced us to this group.

I hope to become an active participant in the coming months, adding insight and input where I can. I am also going to encourage my other Community Managers to join. We have community sites in French, German, Japanese, Chinese, English, and we are potentially adding Spanish.

I’m so sorry I missed the Community Leadership Summit by one week. Now I have to wait all year! :frowning:

I look forward to getting to know you all. Thank you!


Hello everyone,

first of all I’m excited to be here :smiley:

My name is Denise, I’m based in Leipzig, Germany where I work as head of community for joyclub.de which is Germany’s biggest casual dating website and the only one with a thriving and friendly community (I’m a bit proud of this :blush:)

I used to work on gaming communities for MMORPGs such as Warhammer Online and Lord of the Rings Online before I moved on to crowdsourcing communities and customer support communities at Telefonica Digital. I left my job at Telefonica in 2013 and have been working on the joyclub community for the past 2,5 years. A community where people talk about sensitive topics like sexual relationships is an interesting challenge. Unfortunately professional community management is still a niche in Germany where everyone seems to focus on Social Media. Which brings me back to my first sentence: I’m really excited to here and I look forward to exchanging ideas and best practices with other community professionals.

All the best,


Hey Dave, so sorry to hear about your disappointing experience with DrupalCon. I’ve experienced the same with German community management conventions (actually there is no such thing in Germany) so I had the same idea and I am planning to start my own convention in Germany. I like your idea to invite the authors of the books :slight_smile: Are you still planning to start your own Con?


Hi @donisl – Thank you for your reply! I don’t know if I need to plan my own Community Convention now that I’ve discovered this group. But the idea is still in the back of my head. I think I need to participate in this group more and get a feel for it, if it meets the needs I’m looking for. A red flag for me is that no one has mentioned Lithium, one of the largest community platforms out there, which makes me think this group is more focused on the Open Source community and I’d like my convention to be all inclusive regardless of platform, just about Community Management Best Practices in general, sharing ideas, metrics, CPMs, KPIs, etc. But that’s just my first impression, I haven’t dived into all of the forums here yet. If you know of some good threads I should read, let me know.

Thanks again for your reply. Have a great day!



and then I left for 2 years and 3 months, apparently. (BUG: and the text above says “2 months later”)


Maybe www.clsxeurope.com is for you? October 16, London


not sure I can attend, I already have many things scheduled in october. And I am not supposed to go at Oscon.


I’m not new, but recently returned to the forum. Glad to be back. My name is Robert Sacerich and you can connect with me here https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertsacerich



I’m Adam Hyde from the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation. We are involved in solving workflow problems in the publishing sector. All tech we make during this pursuit are OS (MIT). I’ve been involved in OS for 20 years or so from FLOSS Manuals to various OS projects.


Hello Everyone !

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I want to increase my knowledge and strengths in this area. That’s why I am here. And I will also share my ideas and knowledge with you. Looking for some advice, information, and other techniques to become excellent at my work.

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What a great group! I’m Tony Weiss, I’ve been with Symantec for nearly 14 years, and started the forums along with @DasEnergi at Norton/Symantec. I look forward to being part of this group, learning your best practices and sharing my experiences too. Thanks.


Hello hello!

I’m Gayathri Rajendiran and I have been a part of Symantec for almost 9 years now. I’m one of the administrators for Norton Community forum and I work alongside @DasEnergi and @Tony_Weiss. This forum definitely looks like a great place to learn and share. Glad to be here. Cheers! :slight_smile:




I’m Mohan from Chennai, India. I have been with Symantec for over 5 years now. I’m one of the Administrator for [Norton Community Forum] (http://community.norton.com)

I’ve been in various communities as a contributor/volunteer, I’m really excited and looking forward to learn and share ideas.

Thanks @DasEnergi & @Tony_Weiss for introducing this forum to me. :slight_smile:




I’m Gwen, a Normano-Breton emigrated to Ireland. :yum:

Delighted to be the newest addition to the Symantec Norton Community Forum managed by @DasEnergi and @Tony_Weiss. I look after the French side of things.

On my leisure time, guess what? … I also look after an online community of French speakers who come to Ireland looking for local, current information . My ‘dream’ would be to see the ratio of questions asked / spontaneous participation shift, but alas, it is proving mission impossible!

I hope to find some good tips from this new community, and perhaps share some insights too when I can.

Talk soon.



Hi, my name is Simeon Oriko and I’m the Network Manager at Creative Commons where I manage its Global Community. I’m based in Nairobi, Kenya. I started working in this position in January 2017 so fairly new but I’ve volunteered for the organization for over 6 years.

Over the last year, Creative Commons has been going through a process to revamp it’s community strategy which is currently open for public consultation here: http://consultation.creativecommons.org. Jono contributed to this process at some point so I’ll take a minute to thank him for his valuable insights and contributions.

Glad I found this forum and looking forward to learning and sharing with you all.


Hi @simeon - Welcome! It’s nice to meet you. :grinning:


Thank you @DasEnergi

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!