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New user introductions!


Beate here (-: hello community,
Community Leadership Forum looks like a lot learn&share -
great colleagues pointed it out!!
My roots are in technical support and quality management.
Since two years you find me caring for the :de: German section of Norton Forums.
When not at Symantec, I explore Ireland the Emerald Island.
See you


Hello! My name is Vanessa and I live and work in Salem, OR. I am responsible for community management on a website created to give educators in Oregon a space to connect, share, and collaborate - OregonEdNet.org. I’ve been involved in community management on a volunteer basis for niche websites in the past, but it’s been a few years and this is the first time that it’s been part of my work. I look forward to learning from more experienced community managers as well sharing my own experiences!

I have to admit that I’m disappointed to find out that CLS has moved from Portland to Austin this year! I’m sure that Austin will be a good time though! :slight_smile:


Good Day,

My name is Kaleena “Rheeya” Narwani. I am new to the world of community management as I have only been working as a Community Manager since the end of January 2017. I aid with program development, website management, and community interactions for the University’s online learning platform for alumni called AlumniU.

I am excited to be here and look forward to working with others as I develop and hone my community management skills.


Hi, I’m Nara Altmann. I’m a chemical engineer with a background in engineering project management and operations. Through my work experience I came to realize that the solution to a problem was very often not limited by technical or scientific understanding but by deficiencies in exchange of information and collaboration. So I’ve recently finished a masters in Information and Knowledge Strategy from University of Columbia.

I want to work helping organizations harness the power of diversity (of all sorts, gender, race, cultural, professional, education, social) in the solution of their problems. Online communities form an integral part of that and I look forward to learning from all of you here!

On the personal side, I am Brazilian but have a piece of my heart in Denver where I live now, and in Australia and Chile where I’ve lived for many years in the past. I have two young kids, a dog and two cats. I enjoy skiing and hiking.



hey there everyone. I just registered and i saw this thread and decided to introduce myself. I’m William and i’m 33 years old. i’m currently searching for onlinepharmacyreviews.org as well because of my health issues but anyhow, that’s another story. looking forward into learning more and that’s why i’m here, of course. i might be having some questions for you that i would appreciate if i could get some answers to.


Hi all. My name is Ben. I’m leading up community efforts at Misty Robotics. Prior to this, I led community efforts from SmartThings. I’m excited to learn about this resource.


So I know I signed up before - but here I am again… =)

To introduce myself, I am passionate about communities and developers and open source. I’ve spent the last 10 years at XDA, with the last 5 or so as the Community/DevRel Manager. Over the last year I have done community and developer consulting, and this week started at Auth0 as the Dev Community Lead!

Nice to meet you all!



I am currently at Huawei working with the OpenStack community as Open Source Operations Manager. I am a member of the OpenStack User Committee and have been involved in Open Source for the past 2 years via my participation with the OpenStack community. I am excited about learning more about Open Source leadership through this community and other activities.

Great to meet everyone!


Hello every one, I just registered and i saw this thread and decided to introduce myself. My self Nicole Kristen. Iam passionate about communities and opensource. I have spent the last 3 years. Community Leadership Forum looks like great to learn and share more knowledge to users.

Thanks for this wonderful thread
Nicole Kristen


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