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Notes: Session A-2 Benefits around building groups around the existing culture (Leah Davis) / Deathstars & Motherships - working as a community manager in large organizations (Tori)


(Please share your notes/ideas and take-aways!)
What questions we brought to this session:
I need direction on involving people in the community.
I need advice on building best practices for community engagement
I’m seeking answers on advancing the cause of our community
I need to help our organization to realize the value of what’s online
How do I break down silos?
How do I connect to a broader community?
How do I provide content to maintain and grow?

Notes & Take-Away:
Identify your silos and your community contributors.
Hold a Community Summit: Talk to people in your organization who perceive they help with community.
Look at your professional permissions, address concerns.
Importance of letting people blog. Value of open sources of information
Avoiding discussion of promised features, role out dates, unless part of your
Recognize Media people – send to the main business
Some Companies are comfortable with employee’s blogging with company name etc.
Content management can assist your
Community managers re-tweet content that showcases best of the community

Reporting: New discussion will be posted!
Community reports for Admin are hard to nail down. Let’s get the conversation going!
Best practice sharing: Values, merging goals, metrics
Bringing the community relationships to the fore front attention of the leadership
Brand identity- Help your community to brand appropriately
Knowledge based
Provide both Qualitative and Quantitative

See to understand potential power shift vs. traditional leadership
Take on that expert role online support role-share knowledge
Rise of a new influencer- Make it safe for exploration
Pay attention to Rogue experts- Look for grains of truth- find ways to use them to benefit your organizations and protect/refine your processes
Consider making a focus group out of those who are complaining
Do you have safe places in your community for bringing up issues?

Know where to go for help when you need it. Reach out to your corporations Human Resource office. Some have used a Motivation Analysis (HR tool) to get to know
Value proposition analysis and give that to management

Including Administration in your Community
Bringing in Upper management to reframe the expectation within the main blog
Does that feel like the evil empire making a power grab? or can it be more subtle
“you can’t pay people to be that passionate”
Engage them and deal with the issue.

Internal documentation
Social media strategy written down and have a special interest group. Social media group. Share projects, how they are using community .
When you get asked for the numbers
Be engaged in other communities- what motivates and inspires your participation?
The art of communication and acting not so confrontational
Support for the moderators- what do they need to represent the company well. Moderating is so important
Moderate for what people need from you as their community manager
Excellent communication techniques

Active Listening Skills
How do you listen to your organization and contributors?
Holding the community summit, get the community members together
/Coupled with other events
Find ways to feature administration. Give them a
Self identified expert vs. Internal expertise

Book/Web Recommendations:
Crucial Conversations
The Tribes we Lead


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