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Restraining/protective orders and an open community?


An individual (“Jill”) in an open source community recently brought it to leadership’s attention that they’ve had issues in the past with a new member of the community (“Jack”). Jack has approached leaders about taking an active role in the community. Jill described harassment experienced working at a company with Jack, and that she’d obtained a restraining order against him at that time (over a year ago). Jill described it as one reason for leaving that company, and moving to another State.

What is the best way for the community leadership to proceed? Should they ask Jack to leave the community? At the other extreme, should they ask Jill for proof of this restraining/protective order before taking action? Has anyone seen a community code of conduct that addresses restraining/protective orders? Any advice is appreciated.


I am curious how this turned out. I have no idea the best way to handle this but honoring the restraining order is a legal mandate which likely plays into things.

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