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The status of the forum


So, I’m really curious as to the direction and status of these forums. I got an email a few months back, came back fairly recently, and there’s very little activity. I’ve reached out to Jono both through here and LinkedIn without response.

Anyone know the story?


Hi @rsacerich

Great to have you back. We would love to see this forum become a place where people can find community leadership guidance and advice. Apologies for not responding the message here - I didn’t see the message on LinkedIn.

I would love to see this forum become more active, but I can only push so far. So, I am trying to encourage participation (as much as I can within my schedule). For us to succeed though we need to make a shared concerted effort.

If you would like to help - I would love to see your participation too - the more hands on deck the better. :slight_smile:


OK, awesome. Glad to see you around. So, activity aside, what do you see as the next steps?

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!