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Use of Discourse for the Community


Uh @downey that’s very cool :slight_smile: I ever seen this view. With this it’s much easier a possible transition from a classic forum to discourse. Thanks for tip :slight_smile:


Yeah, it looks like we have our very own Discourse expert in @downey - thanks for sharing your insight. I am becoming more and more of a fan every day. :slight_smile:


@jonobacon one thing you might want to do if you want the /categories view to be more useful is edit the default text in the “About the Foo category” posts that are created automatically with a new category. The first several lines will be shown under the category boxes at http://www.communityleadershipforum.com/categories.


Ah interesting article about discorde and community written directly by Atwood http://blog.discourse.org/2014/08/building-a-discourse-community/


And a good reply here:


Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!