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User Groups & Local Meetups


CLS Session Idea: User Groups & Local Meetups

As a Community manager or leader, how do you encourage and enable your community to meet in person world-wide?

This topic can be as granular as how to run a single, positive user group meeting – to how you can enable a worldwide network of user groups.

I look forward to discussing this at the CLS this year!

  • Kara


This is a great idea for a session.

What I would love to see out of this session is a set of crisp guidelines for how people organize effective local meetups.

Things such as:

  • How to pick a venue, date, and time.
  • What equipment you need.
  • What you can do at your events.
  • How to promote your event and get people to join.
  • How to spread the load and encourage other people to help with organization.
  • Managing sponsorship (mainly relevant for conferences/summits).

Would be great to get a simple set of bullet points that provide guidance for these areas (and others!). :slight_smile:


I can share some of the things we do at the Boston Python user group; different event formats, ways to spread out the work (documentation helps!) and how to set the tone for a friendly and diverse group.


Always interested in user groups.

Some of the people in OpenStack in the bay area wrote up this: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OpenStackUserGroups/HowTo , in case anyone finds it useful. It’s not crisp, or very readable though :slight_smile:


Very cool. Agreed that it is a bit information-dense. Some good tips there though!

I created a video for the Ubuntu community that explains how to organize an Ubuntu Global Jam event…the same guidance can be applied to general meetings:


+1. Would love to be part of this discussion. There’s a pretty wide range in how we do Meteor meetups around the world, which range from Meteor 101 type course material to demos/lightning talks to watching a livestream of Devshop (our monthly miniconference), and the format largely depends on the expertise level and size of the local group.

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