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What would your ideal community platform look like?


For anybody who has ever started a community, or tried to find the right platform for their community, there is a myriad of options and it can be somewhat overwhelming.

So what would your ideal platform have?

Obviously existing platforms (forums, blogs, meetup, reddit, image boards, irc/chat rooms, etc) at have pros and cons. What would your dream platform do? What pros/features would it have?


I like very much www.discourse.org but it’s only imho


Hi, speaking of community platforms, it might be helpful to do some benchmarking. What do people here consider to be “world class” for community platforms?


@mikej I think that mailing lists have kind of withstood the test of time. However they definitely can feel spamy and disorganized at times.

@alefattorini why? why not older forum software (phpBB, etc)? Sometimes it feels like too many metrics and numbers on the screen for me haha


At Bonitasoft, we were so frustrated with Drupal Commons, and other tools like that that we developped our own community support Drupal distribution.

We call it “Group Mind”, you can see it in action at http://community.bonitasoft.com

And we are working on open sourcing the code so any one can use it: you can find the Drupal distribution here: https://www.drupal.org/sandbox/growiel/2347697

At this stage, this is still a Sandbox project on Drupal.org.


Great question. I’ve given this a lot of thought, actually, as I’ve moderated several forums for others, and my own sites too. Of course, it really depends on what kind of community you’re talking about. Different communities require vastly different DNA. That said, so far, this community forum seems like a very good general tool to quickly bring folks together with common interests. So here’s my list of features that make for an ideal community gathering place:

  • Discussion Forum (Title / Description Area / Comments Tab (default) / Live Chat Tab / Tweetchat Tab)
  • Blog Section, with the Comments Area showing the first three comment
    responses to the blog, then click to see more on the Forum Area,
    which shows a Meta Re-cap of the blog and link-back to post.
  • Events Section
  • Business Directory Section (with commenting and ratings available)
  • Careers / Jobs Section
  • Easy and fast sign-up Intuitive for first-timers
  • Easy-access to help guide
  • Accessible
  • Smart rules, but light moderation, to encourage discussion
  • Focus on content, not the commenter
  • Minimal advertising, and policies that allow for constructive
    criticism of any brand User data is never shared, sold or used
  • A business section is made available, to encourage business marketers
    to participate in the business community.
  • Ability to Reply to original question, and/or Individual commenter
    (threaded, for ease of use) Favorites, links and bookmarks

OK, that’s enough brain-dumping for now. :wink:


I think it really depends on the size, characteristics and needs of the community since a smaller community might not need a robust platform but something as simple as just a discourse.


Give a chance to Discourse, seems matching all your points! let us know your feelings :wink:

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