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Who wants to run a CLSx event?


CLSxBoston :slight_smile: with Deb and Langdon


As far as I know, Ben (from Typo3) would surely wants to help to make it happen again (http://www.cls-europe.com)


Have a good journey home…


Totally! so it is not CLS Europe anymore, but CLSxAmsterdam etc. Great!


I would be very interested in putting one together in either Pasadena or Los Angeles.


Really excited about all of this, folks. I will be getting in touch next week (when OSCON is over) about how we move forward.

In the meantime, I recommend you all do the following:

  • Review the CLSx license at CLSx License 1.0: Feedback Welcome! and make sure you are happy with the terms.
  • Find some local folks to work on your event with.
  • Identify a venue and date/time.

Email me at jono@jonobacon.org to request a license and summarize the plans for your event.



We actually have a growing group of community leaders already meeting (informally) in downtown Detroit. Given the unique geography of the area, it typically makes sense for Ann Arbor and Detroit chapters to exist. For example, the Google Developer’s Group and Girl Develop It are two prime examples of this in action. Often, these groups will then pair up for bigger joint events that bring the community together as a whole.

So I’m tossing my hat into the ring to formalize a Detroit chapter of this! I’d love to pair up, too! I’m here at OSCON until Friday morning, so if anyone is here and wants to chat, lets do it!

Brian Wilson


Hey Brian,

I agree that the SE Michigan CLSx should be combined. Given the number of groups, businesses, and available gratis space in Ann Arbor I’m thinking it might be easier to host an event there, but I’m open to find the best space anywhere that makes sense. Why don’t you and I connect outside of this thread and discuss details in the next week or two? Thanks.

pmcgarry@redhat.com || @scuttlemonkey


While I don’t have the time to run another group, I’d like to share my “Lessons Learned” from starting a Meetup Group based on a conference, tempered by what I heard at CLS. (info below)

I did a CLS Lighning Talk on the topic. Just listing the points:

  1. If you have a mission statement, keep it simple. For us, it’s “continue the conversation”
  2. Get publicity among potential members. It could be online or offline. (The key for us was a Tweet by the conference organizer, and a local tech meeting board known as “Calagator”)
  3. Find a regular venue. In the US tech community, meeting sponsorships are relatively common. Alternatives are libraries, and even small restaurants / bars.
  4. Set a regular date. Between 3 and 4, you can get users into a “habit” of going to a specific place on a specific date.
  5. Ask for help. You might get help from sponsors, or you might organize all meetings “PotLuck” style, where everyone brings food / refreshments.
  6. Identify ways to publicize meetings, appropriate for your community / audience.
  7. Plan your meetings. If you do “unconfernce” style meetings, plan and schedule the time for each step.
  8. Lightning talks can help the group understand the expertise within.
  9. Networking Meetups are OK, but may need direction to help users get the best experience from it (e.g. name tags that say “Ask me about {my expertise}”

I started the Write The Docs PDX Meetup group, based on what we did at Write The Docs NA 14 In May of 2014.


Thanks so much, @mikej, for sharing your experience. When I get the knowledge base up I am keen to get a bunch of this into a CLSx guide. Would you be happy to contribute to such a guide?


Jono, it would be my pleasure.

Just let us know, and I’ll be happy to contribute.


CLSxTokyo I talked about the event to some OSS community members and leaders here in Japan,they are very interested holding CLSx here in Japan :slight_smile: Anyway before I would prepare the CLSxTokyo I would read the CLSx license carefully :wink: CLSx License 1.0: Feedback Welcome!


I’m willing to consider hosting one in smaller-town Wisconsin but I’m worried I won’t be able to get the numbers to make it worth well.


Eli from Vancouver, BC here too. I’m keen to get involved.

I’ve been hosting a few Community Manager events as part of NetSquared Vancouver, with Yelp/Invoke Lab’s Crystal Henrickson.

I can be reached at eli@net2van.com


I love LFNW and Bellingham. Personally, I would love an excuse to come a day early or stay a day late.


Very excited about our team!


CLSxPortland Email me
tde@spritone.com for more info.


So, we have Josh Simmons and myself so far for CLSx San Francisco Bay Area (AKA CLS West). I know there were several other people at CLS this summer that expressed interest in helping organizer in bay area. Unfortunately, I did not get there contact info. =(

Would love to put together a strong organizing team for 2015. Thinking of first Saturday in February of 2015 as tentative date, but, it can be flexible to best work with the resulting organizing team members and their schedules.

Cheers, Van



@Drano what do you think, can we pull this off on the Spring? can we partner with another event. Maybe barcamp RDU?


@jhibbets, I don’t want to rule it out yet but I think if I’m going to co-sponsor the event would have to be after March 31st. I’m pretty slammed for the first three months of the year. However I’m still stoked on the idea. I think pairing it with another event is a must. I like Barcamp RDU and I like Switchpoint (http://event.switchpointideas.com/). Matter of fact I’m going to be at a Switchpoint lead up event at HQ Raleigh next Tuesday December 9th. You can register here: https://www.z2systems.com/np/clients/ih/eventRegistration.jsp?event=142& in case you want to go and we can discuss the opportunity more then. Otherwise, let’s do lunch soon.

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!