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Working with dissimilar communities


This is an out growth of my discussion at this years CLS, on how to bring together totally unrelated communities to support a common effort. I will be working in this area for the next few years and would like to share ideas on this subject.


This is an area I am really interested in too. What are your initial thoughts on this, and can you summarize your discussion at CLS?



I have run over in my mine for weeks if not months the idea about how different groups, unlikely allies, strange bed follows can come together in a joint effort. Now a few and I mean a very few will be hearing your ideas, thinking about it openly and be receptive. The other and I mean the whole will have to be divided up into different levels and types of communications to reach them. And here is where the idea of having a ‘bargaining chip’ comes in. A bargaining chip can be an idea, thing or action but it must be your idea, thing or set of actions. Who you are is a bargaining chip, what you do is a bargaining chip, the list can go on and on and become meaningless. In short a bargaining chip shows others what you will do, the level of knowledge you have or resources at your command in a directed effort.

So here is where the skill comes in, how are each of these groups different from each other. What is their self-image, their history, role, members background before joining the group and their role in the group. Some will look at the bargaining chip and let you sit at the table. Others will hear the WII-FM radio station in their head the whole time. In microcosm it is like this management team I am forming. Some want a new adventure because their not cut out to be a garrison trooper, some need to look at the numbers first. Others are running from something. And a few, it’s an idea or to find out what their made of. So in the end it’s all about human nature and motivation.

As for the bargaining chip for the GMIBS Project, Inc. Once we open our doors I intent to set up an open source clearing house for scientific and academic software used in environmental and climate studies. Something may exist now like this at a college or university but I am aiming at moving it into the main stream. Currently I am having a researcher looking over academic software clearing houses. Also, I will be talking to someone at an informal meeting later this month about managing the clearing house. I know none of this has been talked about before.

One last note. We as species have not graduated to a new level of thinking on what should be done, for our self, the planet and those who live on it. A good example is only look at the efforts of the NSA.
This country is playing the WII-FM radio station loud and clear but in the end the NSA efforts will prove to have been counter productive, shortsighted and a waste over time.

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