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Airport to conference transportation Saturday morning

Anyone else arriving at the Portland airport Saturday morning, and might want to coordinate transportation to the conference? If so, please email me directly at nennconsulting (at) gmail…
Thanks! Nechama

I’d recommend that you take the Max from the airport to the venue. The Oregon Convention Center is a fairly short max ride and all of $2.50.

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Thank you so much for that info! Also, do you know about Lyft starting to operate in Portland recently? If so, any experience using them? Thanks!

Both Uber and Lyft are here. I haven’t used either service ever…

It would be super helpful if you can give me specific instructions (getting from airport to max station/which line/which train/payment/ticket info, etc.) on how to take the Max from the airport to the convention center- Thank You!

Here you go, two links:



If this link doesn’t work just google directions from PDX to Oregon Convention Center.

There are digital ticket booths outside the max or you can search your app store of choice for ‘trimet tickets’ and install the app and use those tickets.

The train station is on the ground floor of the airport. If you can’t find the exit ask any airport personnel or uh… follow the signs :slight_smile:

Thanks! Coming in on a tight schedule, so trying to avoid time consuming surprises… Seems easy enough though, so thanks for the tip.

This is how I plan my trip from work to the convention center. It’s easier from the airport :slight_smile:

As you walk out of the PDX airport, head off to the right (facing the street) past baggage claim and you’ll run into the MAX. There are ticket vending machines inside and some outside (all TVMs generally take credit cards, only some take cash) - or you can use the ‘Trimet Tickets’ app.

Very helpful - Thank You!

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