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Amazing start for the Global Presales Community

Thanks to all those at the Community Leadership Summit. A big thank you for all the great speakers and sessions!

Just wanted to provide a brief update.

It’s been three months since starting the Global Presales Community and it’s going amazingly well. Everyone I speak with is excited about the community and many are actively helping by contributing content, offering other resources, and helping to plan future events.

Since starting in February here’s a few of the things we’ve accomplished:

  • Three global leadership meetings

  • Web site

  • Slack team site

  • Weekly newsletter

  • Bookstore

  • Over 45 people signed up to receive the newsletter and be a part of the Slack team


We’ve published some amazing content including

Career paths in presales (including how to get into presales for all of you eager to get in on this amazing profession!!)

Announcing a new Presales Meetup in Atlanta (see your colleagues IRL!!)

Celebrating a great night of Presales professionals coming together in Austin


Lots of great questions on Slack including this one from Jon Michaels at EnerNOC:

“ There are a lot of ways SEs can help set the stage for customer success (setting proper expectations, identifying likely power users of the software so they can be engaged early, etc) , and we are thinking about possible metrics to track that type of work. Do you have any metrics you use with your SE teams that are used as early indicators of customer success?"
And a great request for info on opportunities in Bangkok from Diing Shiang Wong

“Hi all, i’m looking for any help possible. I’m a mechanical engineering student that will be graduating very soon (July 2016) with Master’s degree from an engineering school in France. I’m Malaysian, and I’m a scholarship student from Malaysian Gov. Therefore, I’m looking for a job in an International Company where I can work in Bangkok while representing Malaysian office to serve my scholarship bond. I appreciate anyone that could point me to the right direction. Thanks in advance.”


It’s amazing to see all the involvement and I it’s amazing how quickly this community is growing!!

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!