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App Dev Community Coordinator at OpenStack Foundation (Remote)



  • Grow the number of active OpenStack application developers globally, both in private and public cloud deployments
  • Increase the satisfaction of application developers with respect to user experience, software and how the project is managed
  • Improve the feedback loop from application developers to the development process and enhance the sense of inclusion in decision making
  • Increase visibility into application developer community


  • Own developer.openstack.org and make it a home OpenStack application creators are proud to have
  • Embed yourself in a wide range of application communities in order to extract and aggregate information and feedback about app developer experiences on OpenStack into one place; begin establishing feedback loop
  • Answer mailing list questions and publish how-to guides, videos, and examples to lower the barrier of entry for developers getting started with OpenStack app creation
  • Be active, active, active in any and all forums, both online (IRC, webinars, Skype, forums, Stack Exchange–wherever they are) and offline (meetups, events, user groups—no matter what country they are in, you’re there)
  • Help give users a voice in the project so that their needs are met by the software and ecosystem. Help them engage and evangelize their biggest priorities on their behalf in all of the appropriate venues.
  • ABE. Always Be Educating.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Open source experience
  • Able to write code in mulitple languages, and not afraid of learning more
  • Not a zealot :slight_smile:
  • International Experience
  • Real, working knowledge of OpenStack
  • Has written an app using OpenStack public APIs
  • Positive demeanor - passionate and open to new things
  • Stays calm in the face of debate. Can leap tall trolls in a single bound.
  • Enjoys helping others
  • Able to work in a self directed manner, providing the best value for the community
  • Be a good faciliator - encouraging people to find their own solutions, rather than always providing the answer directly

Travel: This role will require frequent travel to industry events, meetups, OpenStack events, and user locations anywhere on the planet

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