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Best resources for community manager

May I ask you where can I look forward for community manager resources? Can we share links, blog, books, people to follow on twitter? :wink:


To be honest, I haven’t found all that many resources, which is one of the reasons I set up the conference and this forum. I am hoping these can trigger more resources on and offline.

So, this may sound a little like promoting my own things, but I think they could be of general interest:

Community Leadership Summit - the primary annual event for community managers/leaders

The Art of Community - my book about building communities - available to buy or as a free download

Dealing With Disrespect - a recent book I wrote about managing difficult feedback and people

Community Leadership Summit Europe - European spin off of the CLS event

Keen to hear more recommendations!


There are not so many resources, and we have started working on metrics and community development analytics:

You would find more info in our blog:

Regarding “Community Leadership Summit”, we have been in the “european” edition that Jono has mentioned, and I am currently setting up an “spanish version” for 26th June.

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Very cool! Do you have a website for the event?

I am planning on getting a local events page up on the official site soon. :slight_smile:

The link for the main event is:

I am talking with a “technical community managers” in Madrid to set up everything

It seems I can not post more than two links per post… sorry for the weird text on latest comment

@alefattorini where are you located? The SF Bay Area has some Community Management meetup groups. If you’re out of state, I have to agree, we haven’t found a ton of great resources. Get Satisfaction has a pretty cool Community where they have industry specific discussions. I guess it’s up to us to make this forum blow up :wink:

@brittanylucero I’m in Italy :-\ I’m taking a look to Get Satisfaction thanks very much :slight_smile:

For me, a good site is www.opensource.com
a lot of stuff about community management and opensource

In addition to stuff that I’ve written myself, I’ve been collecting the best essays, books, and scholarly research on the topics of community building that I find.

I just transferred that collection of links (since we can only link once per post here) to a new page on my blog: http://dangerouslyawesome.com/recommended-reading-for-community-leaders/

It needs some reorganization, and I actually have a bunch of new articles to add. I’ll do that in the coming weeks and letcha’ all know when it’s up to date!


http://www.theopensourceway.org/wiki/Main_Page is another good resource for free and open source software communities, primarily from the folks at Red Hat.

@alefattorini I’m so glad you asked this. I’m always looking for more resources! @alexknowshtml Thanks for the reading list!

I’ve been looking into facilitation techniques lately, and was excited to find this wiki curated by Aspiration Tech.

I also find a lot of value in the Tip of the Day daily emails from the New Organizing Institute (neworganizing.com). NOI comes out of the political organizing space, but there’s a fair amount of crossover when it comes to working with volunteers, online organizing, inclusivity etc.


Thanks for this stuff, I’ll check it out

I have put together a collection of resources which I used in a training course I give occasionally - some of them are “vanity” links to stuff I wrote, but there are many links to videos, presentations, articles & books on community software development: https://bitly.com/bundles/dneary/2

I also had a collection of book references once (on Goodreads, I think) but can’t find it now… IIRC, it covered books like “Peopleware”, “The Art of Community Management”, “Producing Open Source Software”, “The Spider and the Starfish”, “What to do when you become the boss”, “The Inmates are Running the Asylum”, “Team Geek” and others in various genres.

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Continuing the discussion from Best resources for community manager:

I have read those three awesome books! really recommended :smile:

Mozilla has these resources:

Uh!! Good stuff :slight_smile: thank you @bkerensa

The first one is over-rated. :wink:

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The Stack Exchange community recently launched Moderators.SE. It is “For people building, administering, managing and cultivating digital communities.” There have been some great questions asked and answered in the month or so it’s been around.


Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to find good places to post a Technical Community Manager opportunity. Curious if anyone has recommendations.

It’s a really great project in Mountain View, working with computer vision technology.

Perhaps it is a little bit off topic, and it might be considered as spam, but I would like to announce that there will be a meeting in Brussels related with Open Source development metrics tools on 30th January:


Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!