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Best tools for email communication with your users?

Any recommendations for tools for managing email communication with a large organization’s internal user community? Something that could handle monthly email updates, to basic campaigns, and maybe even an email newsletter. Ideally a web-based tool that allows you to compose an attractive email, manage mailing lists (hundreds to a few thousand emails), and track success.

Guessing something like MailChimp or maybe a Salesforce app? Would consider a solid open source alternative since we have a small software dev team, but this tool is to support our non-technical team’s communication and needs to be user friendly and able to generate attractive HTML-format messages.

Appreciate any recommendations or other tips!

  • Alex

I prefer Constant Contact for that. It’s easier to use than MailChimp and less expensive than Salesforce.

There are a couple Free Software alternatives to Mailchimp:

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