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Beyond Consensus: Moving forward in the face of uncertainty

This was a hands-on session that made note taking difficult.

15+ folks divided into groups of 3 - 4 people and share experience from their community in response one or more of this set of prompts:


  • Getting started: Think back to when you were new within a community. Can you recall something that happened which made feel you
    were really part of your community for the first time? Or a moment
    when that made you very much aware you were on the outside? What

  • The unexpected: Tell about a time when your community caught you completely off-guard. Maybe you expected argument and resistance and
    there wasn’t any. Maybe you thought you were stepping into just
    another ordinary day and something spun out of control. What

  • What keeps you up at night: What community event recently kept you up at night, figuratively or
    literally. It could be for any one of a number of reasons – anticipation and excitement, a long conference night, or anxiety? What happened?

  • Parting: Think about a community you’re no longer part of. What events that led up to your leaving? How did you feel about it? Think about someone who left your community. What happened?

  • Do-overs: Tell about something that happened in your community that you wish you could change. What happened and what would you do

Afterward, we categorized the topics and theme and discussed what would happen next … the basic idea being: how can we encourage more stories like these, fewer like those. The techniques used in this workshop were based on the work Cynthia Kurtz’s Working with Stories and Dave Snowden and the folks of Cognitive Edge

I’ll be transcribing the themes which emerged from the session later this afternoon.

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