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Brand new noob Community Manager needs to know how you get an expert on your brand new forum

Hey all!
I’m just wondering how you, apart from your charm and dazzling personalities, get an expert on your brand new financial forum, to build credibility, given you have little value proposition to offer at the start?

It takes time.

First of all, experts didn’t wait for your forum to ask questions and write answers. They are already active somewhere. So you have to find the different curent places they are, and start with interacting with them here. And I don’t mean that you must come and tell “hey come on my place”. You must first become a regular interlocutor for them.

Then, if they come on your forum and there is nothing interesting, they will not stay. So you have to provide a base content, writing interesting content, and work with your team to create threads. It is the quality of the content and discussion that will attract expert.

And eventually, if you have some success, a strong moderation is important.

Last but not least, is a forum still relevant? (there are plenty). Should you start instead a Q&A? or join an existing one and be visible there? or, become the founder of a dedicated financial Stackoverflow or Reddit instance? There are many things to consider before starting yet another forum on something.

Ah, and again, it takes time.


Excellent reply @ttoine.

I’d say in addition to time, it also takes care. Investing (pun intended) in the forum members’ interests, fostering a community of respectful communication. Showing that you care is important.

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and also accept that maybe, you will have to adapt the original editorial line to the actual emerging topics.

While it’s on my mind, you’re also going to cultivate some experts at first who are…duds. Maybe not duds, but they aren’t a good fit for your community. That’s ok. As you find these people, you’ll get closer to finding the types of personalities you want to avoid, and the ones you want to include. At first, you take who you can get. As you grow, you can be more choosy.

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