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Building a Conference Website with COD

Based upon comments here, Conference Organizing Distribution

I’d like to hold a discussion for the Conference Organizing Distribution, or COD as many know it by. Based on Drupal, COD helps event organizers plan and execute both externally and internally with the tool. My goal with this discussion is around typical use cases, feature parity with event needs, and finding where improvement can be found.

Some features out-of-the-box include:

  • Session Management with optional community voting
  • BOFs (Birds of a Feather Sessions or Un-Conference Style sessions)
  • Scheduling
  • Sponsor Management and Display
  • Invoicing and billing with Drupal Commerce
  • Attendee Registration, similar interface as Eventbrite
  • Session Evaluations
  • Community Networking tools
  • Media Management (Video, Slides, etc)
  • Fully extensible Drupal
  • And more!

Below is an example of a camp site using the latest version of COD:

Scheduling in COD

Session Management:

In addition to CLS, many members of the COD team will be at OSCON at the Drupal and Linuxfest Northwest booths in the expo hall.

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Thanks, @japerry - would you be interested in doing a demo at CLS as a post-lunch plenary?

Sure thing! They’re 15 minute talks, correct? that should be good :slight_smile:

Yup. 15mins.

I think what would be awesome would be a talk that covers:

  • What COD is.
  • What its features are.
  • An overview of how to deploy it.

Maybe you can then follow up with another session for more details?

Thanks, pal!

Sounds good. We’re prepping a demo internally (10 min presentation) here next week. I’ll revise that presentation a bit, which should work well for CLS :slight_smile:

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