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Building commenting communities - technology and infrastructure?

Hi Everyone,

I would love to get some feedback and thoughts on (a) the best approaches for encouraging commenting and participation on a blog, and (b) which commenting platforms do you use.

For (a), I would love to learn which approaches you have found to be effective in encourage repeat participation. For example, do you include top/recent comments in the sidebar, do you trigger comments in the posts, etc.

For (b), which platform do you use? Do you use native CMS comments (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal), or a dedicated comment platform such as Disqus?

For people using Discourse (like this site!) for discussions along with a more traditional WordPress blog site, Discourse has some great tools to both:

  • Cross-post a preview of your blog post as a new topic, and
  • Use that topic for comments which can then be extracted back into WordPress.

It’s a pretty cool (if a little sneaky) way to get new people more active in the forums of they’ve only engaged with the blog site previously.


From my point of view there are so many platforms are there for commenting and to emote our feeling through words. for example WordPress, disqus and so on. by jack tony

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