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C2 - Aligning with what motivates your community (Maggie Starr)

Maggie started us off by presenting the idea that there is no altruism, and that people’s actions are always self-beneficial. Even if people doing things out of kindness in order to help other people, at the very least that action benefits the personal belief that of that person.

I agree. I wonder how we can educate or re-educate our community to understand that by helping the greater body of the community, they are in turn, actually helping themselves. Would this then help them to take on tasks that are less desirable to them? (As we discussed, people don’t do things that they truly do not want to do).

As motivation, I really enjoy the idea of gamification, but at the same time it worries me that solving real problems is becoming trivialized and that gamified rewards do not correlate to proper goals.

On rewarding individuals for their work. I am concerned about the excess of extrinsic (material) rewards. This problem starts from a young age by offering money for chores, and numbers (grades) for school work. Ultimately it pegs the value of our work to some kind of currency. Some believe that the monetary system is a major hindrances in community. Money came into existence because of a scarcity of resources–a scarcity that might no longer be true.

Practically speaking, we may not be able to get people to work for free (no money).

Is there a way to measure and display one’s impact in a community as a possible motivator?

Love this topic. As far fetched as it may seem to all the die hard capitalists, I think it’s an interesting way to approach the subject of economic equality without setting off the taboo ‘class war’ alarms.

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