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Can introverts become Community Managers?

How do introverts practice community management.
What kind of skills should they develop to manage a community while being themselves.
What tools can be of use to them.

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This article of @dbhurley could be very useful:

I’m an introvert, I MUST stretch myself for be a community manager :smile:

First we have to manage ourselves. Then we can manage others. A lot of introverts, ironically, don’t understand themselves very well because the world is pretty much geared toward extroversion, and we have been raised to believe that we need to be more extroverted. Yes, it is useful to exercise the parts of your personality that you don’t use naturally, but:

Let’s make sure we know whom we’re dealing with first:

Mike at D&P has a lot of articles that I (as an Introvert) found very useful. They are male-oriented, but some if it can apply to any introverted person.

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I did a research on introverts and their position as sales or marketing reps and I’ve found out that introverts are great and thoughtful leaders.

Being a community manager isn’t necessarily a position that requires an outgoing person attending parties and large community events all the time. There is a good amount of work that involves online communication, meeting with small groups of people, and preparing various resources for new contributors and group members.

Introverts are great in building long-lasting bonds and trust with small groups of people, and great leaders who could be in charge of other key figures responsible for different aspects of running and growing a community.

I’m glad you posted @mpeshev and brought this topic back, I think it’s VERY applicable to a lot of us (myself included)!

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The best community managers tend to have these four traits in common, which I would argue come more naturally to introverts.

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