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Can Your Customer Community Survive Acquisition?

I’m looking for panelists to join proposal SXSW panel proposal entitled “Can Your Customer Community Survive Acquisition?” If you -or someone you know- has a community that’s been acquired by another company you’d be a good candidate. If you’re interested please reach out to me before the end of the week via twitter @rsmartly.

Here’s the abstract:

Can Your Customer Community Survive Acquisition?

One day you work for a startup…the next day you work for a Fortune 500. Given the challenges that many employees face post-acquisition, we have to ask: what about your communities? What happens to the forum members, social followers, user groups, and other entities that are vital to one’s business?

When a buyout or merger changes everything – including your core products, service processes, loyalty programs, pricing structures, and more – the winners are always those who know how to authentically communicate with and advocate for their customers.

In this panel, representatives from [1], [2], and [3] will share their first-hand experiences in growing millions-strong enterprise and consumer-related communities after acquisition. Most importantly, they’ll provide practical advice about how they continued to build community trust and goodwill – and in the process motivated the evangelists of their old brand to become champions of a new one.

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